Taking it Easy

I thought I share one of my photos again. As you might have noticed, I didn’t do that very often recently. The main reason is that autumn starts and me and my friends, we are completely in PC gaming mood right now. When I spend time with my friends in computer games, I don’t want to spend extra time doing other things on the PC. That means I am currently not in the mood to spend additional hours to edit pictures or uploading them. Also, this autumn and winter I will probably try to work off my backlog of photos. … Continue reading Taking it Easy

Headache From Learning, Trying To Understand C#

I am right now in the mood to write one of these diary entries. If you see the screenshot on top of my words, this is a small and very basic program written in the programming language C#, and all it does is showing the text message “Hello World” in the windows console. It’s one of the simplest things you can do with a programming language, and that’s how programming courses often start. You need to start somewhere, and often they use this small example to explain the basic structure of a program, until you get into more advances stuff. … Continue reading Headache From Learning, Trying To Understand C#

Unexpected Snow

It’s that time again where a macro lens would make a lot of sense. However, I don’t own one yet, and I was outside today with my 18-105mm lens. Today when I woke up and when I watched out of the window, I didn’t expect to see snow. Why do I say this? Maybe because the year felt different, we didn’t have the hottest summer, but autumn didn’t start extremely cold either. My birthday was by the end of October, and it was strange because the temperature was still moderate. The October was pretty different. You can agree with the … Continue reading Unexpected Snow

Remote Controlled Sailboat

Yesterday when I was walking through the city and the outer areas of the city, I saw people navigating remote control sailboats at a lake. It was a very sunny day and not like an October day, we still have mixed weather but the last week was very sunny and then it’s great to see all the people outside with different hobbies and activities. Most of the RC sailboats were far away on the lake, but one of the guys noticed me with my camera and navigated his RC sailboat close to me so that I can take pictures, that … Continue reading Remote Controlled Sailboat

Less Blogging, More Other Activities… But Not For Ever

My blogging interval did slow down pretty much this month. It has to do with some other activities but that does not mean that I stop blogging or so. Today it´s a little bit sunny but we had some very rainy and cold weeks and most of the time I was at home. Sure, this would have been the perfect time for blogging but… One evening I had the desire to watch a TV series. I am not really a person who does watch TV or DvD often apart from reports about history or sciences. But over the years there … Continue reading Less Blogging, More Other Activities… But Not For Ever