Taking it Easy

I thought I share one of my photos again. As you might have noticed, I didn’t do that very often recently. The main reason is that autumn starts and me and my friends, we are completely in PC gaming mood right now. When I spend time with my friends in computer games, I don’t want to spend extra time doing other things on the PC. That means I am currently not in the mood to spend additional hours to edit pictures or uploading them. Also, this autumn and winter I will probably try to work off my backlog of photos. I will probably never be able to do that completely, but what I mean is that I will slow down, taking less new ones because it’s sad if the old ones are never used. This also means that I might find new ideas in spring. I still will take new photos during autumn and winter, but it won’t be my focus this time unless I get into the mood again. For the blog it means there is no change, I sometimes publishes posts like crazy and there have been times when I slowed a bit down. You can’t always keep things running at full pace, otherwise you will run completely out of fuel. I prefer to take it easy at times, rather than abandoning my personal blog or losing interest in my activities.

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