How to Disable World of Warcraft Sounds in Background When the Game is Minimized

How to turn off WoW background sound


We all know that situation, you’re waiting for something in World of Warcraft or you do just stand around in the game because you are waiting for your friends to join, and meanwhile you get the idea to minimize the game to browse YouTube or Google. Maybe you want to do something completely different to bypass the time, but whatever it is, you might have noticed that you can still hear the sounds from World of Warcraft even if it runs minimized in the background. That can be very annoying if you want to watch a video or if you just don’t want to hear World of Warcraft sounds in the background. In this tutorial you will learn how to disable the World of Warcraft sounds when the game is in the background. You maybe came here to find out how that works, so let’s take a look…

How to Disable the World of Warcraft Sound in Background

  1. If you are already logged into the game world with one of your characters, just press the “ESC” key on your keyboard to bring up the game menu.
  2. In the opened game menu click on the “System” button.
  3. Find the “Sound” menu entry in the next window and make sure to click on it.
  4. There is an area called “Playback” with tons of check boxes, just find the option “Sound in Background” and make sure to remove the tick.
  5. Once the “Sound in Background” setting is not checked anymore, you good to go! Done! If you still don’t know where this box is, take a look at the screenshot below…

How to Disable World of Warcraft Background Sound

Last Words

I hope this small guide helped you to solve the problem with the World of Warcraft sound running in the background while you do other work. If you think the guide was helpful, it would be cool if you can help me too. Maybe you can share this guide in your circles, maybe through your social media channels. This helps me to continue writing these guides. Also, if you want to talk about something related, or if you can add useful information’s, check the comment section below!


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