Fence Wire On Dark Background

I have edited one of my images with Photoshop and you can see the results above. I tried to take a close-up shot of fence wire. I especially liked the moss on the wire. The only thing I changed with the image is that I did darken the background. I said it before, I like dark backgrounds and I am not really sure why. Maybe because it can create a focus on the subject. Here is the original image that I shot with my digital camera… Continue reading Fence Wire On Dark Background

My Cat And A Black Background

I have chosen one of my cat photos and loaded it with Photoshop. I wanted to get rid of the background behind my cat Shyna. I also changed the whole image to black and white because recently Leanne´s Monochrome Madness Challenges and her participants inspired me to experiment. Ok, I must admit that black and white effects have not much of an effect if your subject in the photo is a black and white cat and if you recolored the whole background to black too, but it´s still somewhat interesting. Here I applied a black and white adjustment layer and … Continue reading My Cat And A Black Background

Plants And Wall Background

I was bored today and decided to wander through Lübeck. I took my digital camera as I wanted to find out if I find some cool flowers or other subjects for new photos. I found the plants above and liked the bright background and shot a photo. I am not really sure what kind of plant it is but I found it anywhere outside. Do you know the name of the plant? Continue reading Plants And Wall Background

There Is Something Possible With A 60 Dollar Camera And Photoshop

Today I was in the mood to experiment with my cheap 60 Dollar camera and decided to visit an art supply store as I wanted to find black and white paper. The reason is that I wanted to experiment with backgrounds, or let me say I wanted to use the paper as my photo background when I take photos of objects for example. I found the paper and went home but not without taking some images outside, but more about this later. You could almost say that springtime starts and the first warm sunbeams are noticeable. It was pretty warm … Continue reading There Is Something Possible With A 60 Dollar Camera And Photoshop