Unexpected Snow


It’s that time again where a macro lens would make a lot of sense. However, I don’t own one yet, and I was outside today with my 18-105mm lens. Today when I woke up and when I watched out of the window, I didn’t expect to see snow. Why do I say this? Maybe because the year felt different, we didn’t have the hottest summer, but autumn didn’t start extremely cold either. My birthday was by the end of October, and it was strange because the temperature was still moderate. The October was pretty different. You can agree with the climate change theory, you can disagree with it, but my impression is that it’s changing. However, I don’t want to argue if we humans are at fault or not, because some say yes, others mean that the climate always changed periodically since the existence of our world. I leave the discussions to scientists, but even they do have divergent opinions.

While the autumn was not too cold, we had some rainy days and I used this time to get back to my other hobbies. Autumn has always been the time where my phone rings with requests of gaming friends. I do know some of them in real, others are friends that I met over the years, those that live in other cities and even in other countries. Autumn has always been the time where we come together again, to decide for games we want to play together. Friends from Berlin and Bochum tried to convince me to play World of Warcraft this autumn, but I am not happy with what Blizzard did with the game. Currently I do follow the patch notes, and meanwhile I played Europa Universalis IV, my favorite strategy game. A friend from Austria gifted me one of the latest expansions called “The Cossacks” to my birthday. There are other friends, one would like to play Counter Strike with me again, another one suggested a completely different game.

Usually we all played games together, and talking together about this and that on our TeamSpeak voice server, that was fun and reason enough to start the PC in the evening. Looks like everyone has a different idea this year, but as always we will come together and decide for a game. I can see my friends in my city during the whole year, but it’s great that most of them play PC games too, and it’s interesting when we can follow up with the stories of the gaming friends from other places. That’s what autumn means to me too, it’s that time where things get more virtual (laugh). You can sink a lot of times with your friends in PC games, that means too that my blog suffers a bit more than usual, because there might be times where I do have less time to craft content.

Last year was a bit different, during autumn I was still at home, but I arrived in Reinfeld during winter to help my uncle who got health issues. The nature around that place was even interesting during winter, and I was a lot outside even at minus ten degree. A forest full of snow is beautiful, and then you don’t care how cold it is. I shared my discoveries on the blog in the evening, and after that I always found a bit time to play PC games with my friends. This year and back in the city, I am not too motivated to go outside. Maybe because there is more planning involved. I said it often, there is a difference between getting out of the city, compared to living directly in a rural area where a five-minute walk is enough to see beautiful things.

Today I came up with the idea to take the train to Reinfeld, because the place is just outside of my city, and it doesn’t take time to arrive there. But it’s unexpected cold and snowy, I had to wash my winter jacked first, and now it’s drying on the heater. I did wear my spring or summer jacket until yesterday, and it’s funny how I forgot to prepare my warmer jacket. That’s what I mean when I talk about climate change. I can just talk about my own impressions, and forgetting about the warm clothes is one of the things that happen if the weather was still moderate during autumn. Enough written after a week-long blogging hiatus.

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