Remote Controlled Sailboat

Yesterday when I was walking through the city and the outer areas of the city, I saw people navigating remote control sailboats at a lake. It was a very sunny day and not like an October day, we still have mixed weather but the last week was very sunny and then it’s great to see all the people outside with different hobbies and activities. Most of the RC sailboats were far away on the lake, but one of the guys noticed me with my camera and navigated his RC sailboat close to me so that I can take pictures, that was really cool!

4 thoughts on “Remote Controlled Sailboat

  1. That was nice of him. It looks like a cool hobby. I’ve seen people sailing boats like this before. Once David and I were watching them at a park when we lived in Adelaide when a man’s boat controls failed and his boat was out of his reach. Another man decided to help by sending his own boat out to nudge it back closer to the edge. What we really liked about this was the rescue boat actually was a model rescue boat. :). I might add that this pond was only a few inches deep so it would have been possible to have waded in and retrieved the broken boat but this way was a lot more fun I thought.

    1. Haha, that shows how they enjoy this activity. The navigator of the rescue boat probably thought “No, wait, this is a perfect situation to practice rescuing RC boats, let me do this job!” 😀

      I do agree, while I was taking photos I thought too that this must be a fun hobby, I thought it would be cool to navigate one of the boats. I was happy when this one guy did “interact” with me…. it’s great when photography meets other hobbies 🙂

    1. Haha, that’s funny, I hope your don’t need expensive spare parts after each crash 😀 I’d like to have one of those quadcopters where you can attach a GoPro camera, would be cool for nature photos from above.

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