A Hoverfly On A Beautiful Flower

Above you see a photo that I shot in a botanic garden that I found during my hike two days ago. When I was there, I thought I would have seen a lot of bees, but at home I noticed in the photo above that it’s probably rather a hoverfly or a so-called dronefly, not a bee. I think it must be a hoverfly due to the big eyes and the black abdomen. I found an article about the Eristalis hoverfly on Wiki, I think it could be the same. I hope you like the photo.

2 thoughts on “A Hoverfly On A Beautiful Flower

    1. Thank you Trisha, this is my favorite photo from this weeks folder… I think I can’t top that one, the other ones are just mildly interesting compared to this one, but I’ll upload them too, it’s just that this one here is my favorite too 🙂

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