Yellow Butterfly

I found the butterfly in the picture above a few days ago on the way during my hike. This is pretty much a pseudo-macro-shot because I used my Tamron 70-300mm lens to get the photo. Also I cropped the image a bit to get even closer. I find the yellow butterfly very beautiful, but there have been more than one, because the blossoms seemed to attract many of them. That’s always a great nature spectacle. I like to watch these small creatures. Here are more photos of insects. Continue reading Yellow Butterfly

Bumblebee Worker

Here is a photo that I shot last May during a hike through the nature around Reinfeld. I didn’t do a lot of insect photography since I purchased my first DSLR camera. It’s mainly because I don’t own a macro lens, but in some cases it’s also possible to take insect photos with my Tamron 70-300mm lens or with my Nikon 18-105 lens. I did for example write down my experience about how you can get decent insect photos with the Nikon 18-105mm lens, but this just as a sidenote. For the photo in this post, I used my Tamron … Continue reading Bumblebee Worker

Peacock Butterfly

Here is a photo of an European Peacock Butterfly (Aglais io). Not that I know a lot about butterflies, but I found the name during my Google search. It seems to be incredible easy to find the butterfly name, because there are hints with the colours and marks. Funnily enough, I had to take the photo with my 70-300mm Tamron lens that day, so you could say this is a pseudo-macro shot. I sadly still don’t own a real macro lens, but time will tell if I can afford one some day. Anyway, I can also do some funny things … Continue reading Peacock Butterfly

A Hoverfly On A Beautiful Flower

Above you see a photo that I shot in a botanic garden that I found during my hike two days ago. When I was there, I thought I would have seen a lot of bees, but at home I noticed in the photo above that it’s probably rather a hoverfly or a so-called dronefly, not a bee. I think it must be a hoverfly due to the big eyes and the black abdomen. I found an article about the Eristalis hoverfly on Wiki, I think it could be the same. I hope you like the photo. Continue reading A Hoverfly On A Beautiful Flower

Leafhoppers on a Rhododendron? I think it´s a Rhododendron or?

I noticed these Leafhoppers on a Plant when I visited my Grandma and Grandpa in the Nature on their Campground in Salem Germany. I am not sure about the Plant. When I remember right, my Grandpa said it is a Rhododendron. What do you think? I am right? Is it a Rhododendron? EDIT: Big thanks goes to Alice… She gave me the Information that the Plant is definitely a Rhododendron. She also did correct me that the Insects are Leavehoppers as I thought they would be called Grasshoppers. Theirfor I was able to correct my Blogpost. I just did stand … Continue reading Leafhoppers on a Rhododendron? I think it´s a Rhododendron or?

This Insect didn´t want to be on the Photo. At least not with the Head.

This Insect did turn around while I did hit the Release Button of my Camera. Pretty wicked! I did turn around then too to get the Photo but the Insect did fly away then. I just thought “That´s unfair!”. 🙂 I have some more Photos with Flowers and Insects here… My Photos of Insects. My Photos of Flowers. Continue reading This Insect didn´t want to be on the Photo. At least not with the Head.