Leafhoppers on a Rhododendron? I think it´s a Rhododendron or?

I noticed these Leafhoppers on a Plant when I visited my Grandma and Grandpa in the Nature on their Campground in Salem Germany. I am not sure about the Plant. When I remember right, my Grandpa said it is a Rhododendron. What do you think? I am right? Is it a Rhododendron?

EDIT: Big thanks goes to Alice… She gave me the Information that the Plant is definitely a Rhododendron. She also did correct me that the Insects are Leavehoppers as I thought they would be called Grasshoppers. Theirfor I was able to correct my Blogpost.

I just did stand near the Plant and did take a closer look and noticed the very very little Leafhoppers. No Joke.. there were hundreds if not thousands of them on the Leaves of the Plant. Fortunately I had my Digital Camera with me. I really wanted a Photo of the Leaves with the Raindrops and Leafhoppers on it.

I did shoot some Photos then but I decided these two Photos are ok for my Blogpost…

I have some more Photos of Flowers and Plants but also Photos of Animals and Insects on my Blog.


3 thoughts on “Leafhoppers on a Rhododendron? I think it´s a Rhododendron or?

    1. Oh both informations are interesting. I can now be sure its a Rhododendron. I will edit Grasshoppers to leafhoppers 🙂 Thank you very much. What would I be without the internet community 🙂

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