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Peacock Butterfly

European Peacock Butterfly

Here is a photo of an European Peacock Butterfly (Aglais io). Not that I know a lot about butterflies, but I found the name during my Google search. It seems to be incredible easy to find the butterfly name, because there are hints with the colours and marks. Funnily enough, I had to take the photo with my 70-300mm Tamron lens that day, so you could say this is a pseudo-macro shot. I sadly still don’t own a real macro lens, but time will tell if I can afford one some day. Anyway, I can also do some funny things with my Tamron tele lens. I am not happy how I framed the butterfly, but you don’t have the time if you find one. By the way, I uploaded another photo of the same type of butterfly a while ago.


  1. That’s a lovely butterfly. Never seen one before. You may find that your other lenses work pretty well as macro lenses. many telephoto lenses will shoot very close and a bunch of them actually have either automatic or “press the button” macro settings.

    • This one is very common in Germany and a domestic European butterfly. I find them often when I go hike, they are pretty loveley indeed. At the moment I do just own the 17-105mm kit lens from Nikon, and my Tamron 70-300mm tele as I just started out with DSLR photography last year or so. If I am far enough away with the Tammy, I can take pseudo-macro, but it sadly has no macro mode and I can’t even get close enough otherwise the lens will not focus anymore due to the minimum focus distance of 1.5m. Pseudo-macro workaround is to stand far away and zoom to 300mm to get nice bokeh or depth of field and close to the subject. Tamron has a special 70-300mm macro lens with a macro switch, but my 70-300mm is not the same and only for tele.

  2. Good photo – they are so difficult to capture because they fly away at the critical time and it is difficult to get the depth of field on the screen in bright sunlight – again well done

    • Yes, some good points… plus I would much prefer to take the photo with a macro lens, and not with my tele lens 🙂 I am glad you like the photo, I had to trick my tele lens a bit 🙂

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