Yellow Butterfly

I found the butterfly in the picture above a few days ago on the way during my hike. This is pretty much a pseudo-macro-shot because I used my Tamron 70-300mm lens to get the photo. Also I cropped the image a bit to get even closer. I find the yellow butterfly very beautiful, but there have been more than one, because the blossoms seemed to attract many of them. That’s always a great nature spectacle. I like to watch these small creatures. Here are more photos of insects. Continue reading Yellow Butterfly

300mm Pseudo-Macro Photo

I still have a macro lens on my wish list but it’s such a specialized area that I wasn’t really convinced yet to spend money on it. I will definitely do it at some point, just not now even if I could afford it, because I have other interests that cost money too. But when I got my Tamron 70-300m tele lens back then, I noticed very early that you can’t only use it as a tele lens. I realized soon, and I believe it was when I took photos of flowers with it, that you basically can shoot photos … Continue reading 300mm Pseudo-Macro Photo

Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny

The recent WordPress Photo Challenge is about tiny things. I thought that I use the challenge to show you a butterfly photo that I shot a while ago. I would really like to try this with a real macro lens, but for now I usually had to use my Nikon 18-105mm lens or my Tamron 70-300mm. In this case I shot the photo at 300mm with my tele zoom lens. I’d call that pseudo macro photography. Fun fact, I could basically afford a true 90mm or 100mm macro lens next month, I am just not sure if I should do … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny

Bee On A Yellow Plant

I find it quite difficult to take close-up shots of small insects with my 18-105mm kit lens. Mainly because it’s not a macro lens and because the minimum focus distance of 0.45 meters, but I definitely learned how to get around it and how to take decent close-up photos with the Nikon 18-105mm kit lens without additional equipment. So, I’ve been in the garden again today, and usually when I am there, I take my camera with me. I spotted some bees on a yellow flower, and the image in this post is one of the photos that I could … Continue reading Bee On A Yellow Plant

Peacock Butterfly

Here is a photo of an European Peacock Butterfly (Aglais io). Not that I know a lot about butterflies, but I found the name during my Google search. It seems to be incredible easy to find the butterfly name, because there are hints with the colours and marks. Funnily enough, I had to take the photo with my 70-300mm Tamron lens that day, so you could say this is a pseudo-macro shot. I sadly still don’t own a real macro lens, but time will tell if I can afford one some day. Anyway, I can also do some funny things … Continue reading Peacock Butterfly

Weekly Photo Challenge: Details

I didn’t take a lot of new photos over the recent weeks, mainly because I was busy with other things, just recently I had to repair my PC for example. Also the weather is not really good in Northern Germany to have fun outside, it’s most of the time cloudy and rainy. This year is a bit strange, the spring felt like summer, and the summer is more like autumn here in the north. This weekend I saw the WordPress Photo Challenge with the motto “Details”, and I still can participate as I have way too many photos waiting to … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Details