300mm Pseudo-Macro Photo

I still have a macro lens on my wish list but it’s such a specialized area that I wasn’t really convinced yet to spend money on it. I will definitely do it at some point, just not now even if I could afford it, because I have other interests that cost money too. But when I got my Tamron 70-300m tele lens back then, I noticed very early that you can’t only use it as a tele lens. I realized soon, and I believe it was when I took photos of flowers with it, that you basically can shoot photos with it that you could call pseudo-macro photos. The tele lens gets you very close, thus the pictures can appear like macro photos sometimes. It’s really fun, and the results can be very interesting, especially if you like to see things from close up…

Metal Fence

2 thoughts on “300mm Pseudo-Macro Photo

  1. A couple of my lenses can ALSO be sort of turned into a macro. I love my macro this time of year. Flowers and macro lenses really go together, hand in glove. The rest of the year, I find other uses for it and since it’s a 120mm lens when it’s NOT a macro, it makes a passable mid-length fixed lens. My macro lenses are quite specialized and not easy to use — at least not the real macros. I’ve been yearning for one of those Lensbaby macros — but they are all manual focus and my eyes are not like they were. But I am thinking about it.

    1. Yeah, maybe all the chatter about the difficulty did hold me back too. I saw many many YouTube videos to be prepared, and know that narrow depth of field is a problem in macro photography. And even if I have a tripod, focus stacking doesn’t really sound like my thing. And the light/exposure problems, or shadows if the lens is not long enough. Or the handheld issues when the lens is too long. I’d be interested in insect photography, but that’s probably where the difficulty is at. I assume many of the problems are not there with flowers since they are larger than insects?

      If I do it some day, I might start with a Sigma 105mm… not too expensive, and probably still manageable without tripod. But maybe too close for insects. I also thought about macro tubes and stuff like that, but I think I’d prefer to use a real macro lens. I don’t know. It’s all new to me, althought I am already pretty informed about it.

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