Weekly Photo Challenge: Details

I didn’t take a lot of new photos over the recent weeks, mainly because I was busy with other things, just recently I had to repair my PC for example. Also the weather is not really good in Northern Germany to have fun outside, it’s most of the time cloudy and rainy. This year is a bit strange, the spring felt like summer, and the summer is more like autumn here in the north.

This weekend I saw the WordPress Photo Challenge with the motto “Details”, and I still can participate as I have way too many photos waiting to be uploaded to my blog. For the challenges I usually select photos out of my library, it’s a good way to appreciate my older work. So, for this challenge I found a photo of a butterfly, the photo was shot last summer, a better summer! You can see the details of the butterfly, I had to crop the image a bit to show the detail better as I have no macro lens. Here is the photo…


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