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Blogging Silence Because…

My graphics card is toast, and I am not sure if the GPU is dead, or the RAM or the buffer of the card, but it doesn’t matter anyway. I tested everything and I will have to purchase a new one. I write this post with the WordPress mobile app, and damn is this a horrible way to write for the blog. I’ll be back in some days when I found and installed a new card.


  1. I’m sorry to hear that, Dennis. I hope you can fix it without too much trouble or expense. I posted one time using the mobile app and it is much easier on the desktop computer.

    • Thanks Charles, the card is definitely broken, but I purchased a new one already. But one of my RAM chips is faulty as well but this will be solved too. It did cost me a bit, but the system worked very well for quite some time, and I expected that something would happen anytime soon, now it did. 😀

    • The system worked for over 3 years, I expected that luck would run out at some point 😀 I am going to repair the system with new hardware. 🙂

  2. I have written posts on the tablet once or twice. I don’t like it much and don’t know how people blog that way all the time. See you when you get back Dennis.

    • Hehe, yeah… it’s only the last method when nothing except your mobile devices work, and if you want to tell people that you will be back soon. I purchased a new graphic card that I installed today, but it seems I do also have a faulty RAM chip in the system, but I will upgrade that too over the days.

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