Weekly Photo Challenge: Details

I didn’t take a lot of new photos over the recent weeks, mainly because I was busy with other things, just recently I had to repair my PC for example. Also the weather is not really good in Northern Germany to have fun outside, it’s most of the time cloudy and rainy. This year is a bit strange, the spring felt like summer, and the summer is more like autumn here in the north. This weekend I saw the WordPress Photo Challenge with the motto “Details”, and I still can participate as I have way too many photos waiting to … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Details

The Lucky Pig

This lucky pig sits between all the flowers in the flower boxes on the balcony of my mother. Looks like my mother likes details. I for sure wish that this pig will bring my mother always luck. This is a miniature figure and the fun fact about photography is that I probably wouldn´t have noticed such tiny details but photography really can open your eye´s for details as you are constantly on the search for new things that you can photograph. I really love this fact and would see it as a benefit of this hobby. Continue reading The Lucky Pig

Wounded Guitar

I did talk about the guitar plaster already but the image above shows some of the wounds of my guitar. I do really like how much details my “abandoned” and cheap Medion camera can show. For this price it is really not a bad camera. The camera has something like a macro mode. You still can´t compare it with professional cameras or macro lenses but as said, for a cheap digital camera it is not too bad. Sometimes you can shoot great close up images with the camera. Continue reading Wounded Guitar

Some Details about Fish

Today I just started to create an Fish Database in my Blog. Well I just finished the first detailed Post about a Fish. I think I will create some more Posts about other Fish as well so that I have my own little Database here on the Blog. I start of with Fishes I have in my own Fish Tank. As always it will take some time as I am a lazy blogger and I do only write if I feel to do so. I mainly do this to have a nice intern link structure. So that I can link … Continue reading Some Details about Fish