Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning

Lübeck harbor area

The recent WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge comes with the subject “morning”. I thought I participate with a photo that I shot at the harbor area in Lübeck near the Trave River. If you hike there in the morning, it’s a busy zone, unless you hike there on a calm sunday morning. I like the theme of morning photography, and I definitely should do this more often, because the colours in the morning are very interesting.

13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning

    1. Thank you. The area is interesting for some reasons… I like to take industrial architecture photos there, especially of rotten buildings of bankrupt companies, and it reminds me that I should upload some of these photos too. Apart from that it’s cool to see three things mixed… industry, living district, and nature… because if you walk further, there will be a district where people live, and after that district you will find pure nature and a nature reserve where lots of different birds land due to bird migration, it’s basically a birding hotspot 🙂 https://diaryofdennis.com/tag/schellbruch/

      So, on this tour by foot I can see industry, districts and nature in just one go, and it’s a cool tour where I can fill my cameras SD card with mixed subjects 🙂 Textures, architecture and industry, a bit of district live, and lots of nature at the end of the tour 🙂

        1. I upload them all to this blog here… I tried flickr, instragram and so on and was bored by these channels. Also nobody knows for how long theses sites will excist, I prefer to have my stuff stored in an exportable database (in case WordPress will ever drop out, I can import to another site with just one click). The problem is however that I take way more photos than I ever can edit and upload… that’s what I meant, I wish I would have the time to care about all my photos 🙂 On a plus side, winter or bad weather can come and I am still able to upload photos due to the big backlog 😀

        2. How much room do you have on the blog for pictures. I like Flickr because they give you one terabyte, more than enough for me. My problem is similar to yours. I am very far behind uploading photos. I think I am up to November of 2014. You can see my work here if you are interested but there is nothing recent: https://www.flickr.com/photos/charleshuss

        3. The free plan of wordpress.com offers 3 GB of storage space. I’ve taken 230 MB (7%) of it so far and blog with photos on this domain here since 2011, that’s about 2000 pictures by now. I don’t think that I will ever hit the 3 GB limit, as I resize the images. I usually resize the width to 1200 pixels if the post is about showing the photo, or to 900 pixels if the image is just an attachment to an article and not the main content I want to show. I store all the high-resolution files on my hard drive, just in case I want to re-use them, or in case I will ever have to prove that I am the copyright owner in case someone steals all my work or something like that.

          I just checked your Flickr and found out that you take bird photos too. The Osprey photo is totally awesome. I am still waiting for the moment to get an Osprey or Eagle close enough for my 300mm lens, but they are usually too far away for my lens even if I crop. I had a bit of luck wih an white-tailed eagle, but the bird was above me which resulted in a bad angle as I had to point my camera straight up: https://diaryofdennis.com/2016/05/11/and-then-there-was-the-white-tailed-eagle/
          It’s also funny how your American ducklings look the same as our German ducklings. I like the tiger-like fur when they are young. Going to browse through the rest of your images.

          At times I do get the idea to try Flickr again, but as said, then I stop thinking about it again as it would introduce one more work-step since I do already upload the majority of my photos to this blog here. Anyway, I like this flickr photo community (I was reading forums there a couple of times), maybe I should give it a try again some day.

          I think it’s ok to take more photos than we ever can upload in time. It’s mainly about the activity, to get out there having fun, learn and shoot. The other time can be used to decide which photos are “takers”, and to edit and upload them. Pressing the shutter button doesn’t take that much time compared to processing and uploading 🙂

        4. Thank you Dennis. I know I have too many cat pictures but I love photographing birds. I just have very little time to do it. A few years ago I lived just steps from the Gulf of Mexico. For many days, I sat on my patio with my camera waiting to get a picture of an osprey catching a fish. One day while I was out there, my best friend called me and as I talked to him on the phone I became distracted and heard a splashing sound. I turned and saw an osprey just 10 or 15 meters in front of me pulling a fish out of the water. I missed my chance and never saw that again.

        5. Yes, that is what I experienced too. With birds and many other photo objects it’s about the time and place, being at the right place at the right time. I could take much better bird photos when I was in Reinfeld for 5 months, now back in Lübeck I do mostly wander around in the city with my camera… but we have a couple of other birding places around Lübeck, but then I am like you, it’s about having the time to go there and take photos.

          I can image how the scene or your photo of the Osprey would have looked like, I am following a Facebook group of bird photography, and I am sometimes jealous when I see how people get shots of predators grabbing fished from the water. I think you need the right place, and a lot of patience, and a lot of luck to take these images. Anyway, yor Osprey and other bird photos are cool too. And no problem with too many cat photos, you know me already since a while and I am totaly into cat photos as well… in fact, probably 20% of the photos on my blog are about my cat Shyna 😀

        6. You are right about needing patience. I bet for every one great picture you see on that Facebook group, the photographer took 100 pictures that were not so great.

        7. I forgot to mention I upload the full resolution jpegs to Flickr of my best photographs as an extra backup. I also sometimes use my photographs in my job and Flickr gives me access to them at work.

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