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How To Open The Console In The New Star Wars Battlefront Game

Star Wars Battlefront Console

In this tutorial you will learn how to open the console in the new Star Wars Battlefront game. As in Battlefield 4 or Battlefield Hardline and a few other multiplayer games of Electronic Arts, there is a game console in Battlefront as well, and there are many useful commands for the console. For now, let’s take a look how we can open the command console in Star Wars Battlefront:

  • To open the command console in Battlefront, just press the tilde key (~).
  • If you type in any commands, you have to confirm them with the return key.
  • To close the command console in Battlefront, just press the tilde key (~) again.

That is how you can open and close the console in Star Wars Battlefront. I hope this helps. I wrote about some Battlefront console commands, the list is just an overview about  some commands I wrote about.


  1. hi there i must hit a button when playing which brings this up, it then cause the whole game to freeze and i have to completly close it and then reopen it for it to work. is this normal or is it something stupid im doing?

    • The console is usually opened via tilde key, as far as I remember there was no other action bound to that key. Sadly you can’t rebind the console key, unless they did include this option in the released game (I played the beta)… maybe you can rebind it in the options, I am not sure if that option is included now.

      • There is no rebind option for this key ~ in game.
        Which sucks because I seems to hit it a lot when trying to hit 1 in a battle lol.
        Then you can not move because its typing in the console till you realize it and close it again.
        Hope they add the option later to disable it by cfg or rebind it in game.

    • Do you have still text in the console? I think it will not close if there is text in it. Or try ESC… but I think it’s the tilde key to close the console. Depending on your keyboard it might vary.

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