How To Open The Command Console In BF4

There are several useful Battlefield 4 commands. But some might ask how to use them and I will explain this here. If we want to activate some of the commands permanently then we should know how to create a BF4 config file.

But sometimes we only want to activate any of the commands for a short period and in this case we could go without the config file. In this case we would use the in-game command console. Writing commands into the console will activate them just for the period the game is running and the commands would be disabled once we leave the game. So here is how to open the console in Battlefield 4…

How to open the command console in Battlefield 4

To get access to the console in Battlefield 4, we need to use the tilde key (~) on our keyboard and closing the console works the same way as we would just need to press the same key again. But if we opened the console, we can type in our commands which if we confirm them with the return key on our keyboard. That´s all!

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