How To Show Additional On-Screen Informations About Your CPU And GPU Config In BF4

DICE added a some more console commands with the latest Battlefield 4 PC Game Update January 30. In this article here I want to talk about a new command that allows us to see additional on-screen information about our CPU and GPU configuration of our system, the screen resolution and the information if we use DirectX 11 or Mantle as rendering engine.

Battlefield 4 CPU and GPU On-screen Information

To activate this new information screen, we should either write this command in the BF4 console or in a config file for BF4 if we want the information screen to be activated permanently. But now let´s talk about the command to open up the additional screen I mentioned…

Render.DrawScreenInfo 1

The command we need to use is called “Render.DrawScreenInfo” and we need to add “1” to activate it or “0” if we want to disable the screen. That means you would need to type:

Render.DrawScreenInfo 1
(to activate the screen)


Render.DrawScreenInfo 0
(to disable the screen)

Use of small letters would by the way work as well, just so that you know.

There are many other helpful commands in BF4. Find out more about the other Battlefield 4 console commands.

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