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AMD Catalyst 14.1 Beta Drivers Released

The AMD Catalyst 14.1 Beta Drivers are released. That means for the Battlefield 4 players under you, who own an AMD video card, you will be able to check out the new AMD Mantle renderer in Battlefield 4.


  1. Oh man,, Mantle comes in, and I switch to Nvidia couple of days before it! 😉
    Would be interesting to see how much of performance my mate gets with his r9 280x!

    • My old Nvidia Phantom 570 graphics card got damaged so that I had to buy a new one weeks ago too. With Mantle in my mind, I asked my self as well if I should go for AMD with Mantle or Nvidia with DirectX only…. I had a low budget so that I have choosed an 270x after researching as I thought this card would be at least equal to my old 570 which I liked pretty much. I realized that the 270x is even faster in BF4 anyhow and now comes Mantle with further impact…

      I take a first look an hour ago and it looks like if Mantle shows benefits on my system too. But just looked into it for a few minutes. I will test Mantle the next hours as my friends will come online soon. I am interest to find out other opinions as well. Let´s see what the overall opinion is after a few days. 🙂

      I think it is not much of a problem if you have bought a decent Nvidia card. Always loved Nvidia and they make just awesome architectures. About AMD… What I find more interesting on Mantle is the fact that this API could transform mid-range cards like the 270x into decent gaming cards and that is my first impression at the moment. That would mean that these cards would have a very very nice price-performance ratio.

      Daniel have some fun in BF4 with your new Nvidia card and thanks for stoping by again.

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