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How To Enable A CPU And GPU Benchmark Graph In Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefront PerfOverlay DrawGraph Screenshot

As in previous EA games like Battlefield 4 and others, there is a console command in Star Wars Battlefront to activate a CPU and GPU benchmark graph. You could just enable the FPS overlay, but if you like to use the benchmark graph overlay instead, you will learn in this article how to activate the graph.

How To Enable The Benchmark Graph In Battlefront

There are two ways to enable the graph. If you only want to show the graph once and for the time you running the game, I suggest you to type the command into the console. If you want to have the graph enabled for a longer time and displayed after each start of the game, I suggest you to put the command in a configuration file.

Enabling The Benchmark Graph With The Console

  1. You can open the Battlefront console with the tilde key (~).
  2. Type “PerfOverlay.DrawGraph 1” without the quotation marks into the console and hit return to confirm that you want to use the command, and the graph will be activated.
  3. If you want to disable the graph, you can either type “PerfOverlay.DrawGraph 0” into the command console, or if you wanted to restart the game, it would disable the graph too and you would have to enable it manually again.

Enabling The Benchmark Graph With A Configuration File

  1. In case you want to benchmark your system for a longer time, it might make sense to activate the benchmark graph for a longer period. To do so, you first need to know how to create a configuration file for Battlefront.
  2. Store the line “PerfOverlay.DrawGraph 1” without the quotation marks in your “user.cfg” file and the graph should be loaded with each game start. To disable the graph again, you do of course just need to delete the command line from the config.

By the way, if you only want to show the CPU usage graph, or only the GPU performance graph, it’s possible to show both of them individually with additional console commands.

I hope this tutorial helped you to find out how you can enable a benchmark graph in Star Wars Battlefront, to show a graph with minimum, maximum and average GPU and CPU performance values. If you liked this guide, feel free to drop a comment or help me and share the article with other players.


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