How to Enable the CPU and GPU Benchmark Graph in BF4

PerfOverlay.DrawGraph 1

If you still work on tweaking your game settings or if you simply want to know how your GPU and CPU is performing in Battlefield 4, you have the option to show a graph, something like an ingame benchmark.

You need to type a command into the BF4 game console. You can open the console in Battlefield 4 with the tilde key (~). Once you opened the console, you need to type the following command into the console, to enable the CPU and GPU graph:

PerfOverlay.DrawGraph 1

If you want to disable the CPU and GPU benchmark display again, you will need to type the following into the console:

PerfOverlay.DrawGraph 0

You always use the return key to confirm your input. Closing the game console is done with the tilde key again. You will now notice that the GPU and CPU display is enabled on the bottom left corner of Battlefield 4 and now you have real minimum, maximum and average performance data of your CPU and GPU, to adjust and tweak your game settings.

If you want to have the CPU and GPU graph permanently for some time and due to test reasons, then it is highly recommended to put the command into a config file, to load the function on each start of the game.

You might want to learn about some other useful BF4 console commands. I did put a list together with some useful commands. It might be that I will add some more console commands to the list in the future, if I did write an article about the other commands. Check the list out, it might be that there are other commands, you didn´t know.

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