Star Wars Battlefront Beta First Impression

Star Wars Battlefront Beta ScreenshotI know, I really know,  a game in a beta is never perfect, that is what the beta test is for, but Electronic Arts is really known to have the worst beta tests, and also the worst releases, that is a sad truth. This article will be a short one, I just want to write down my first impression, some negative things I noticed, and a few positive things.

Problems I Noticed Very Early

  • Trying to play multiplayer, it often happens that you see the message “Could not find any server”.
  • In case you get into the multiplayer matches, it happens at times that you lose the connection to the game server with the message “The session is no longer available”, I assume the servers crashed in this case.
  • Generally, there are all kind of crashed, including different freezes, black screen freezes, stutter freezes even in the menus and so on.

Things I Dislike About The Game

  • A game without server lists smells bad, really, I am PC gamer and I liked server lists. While matchmaking can be fun, it shouldn’t be the only option. I want to find a server with a low latency, favorable a server hosted in the own country, and I want to be able to type in different filters to find my favorite servers. I do not think it is a good idea to release a game without server search and with matchmaking-only.
  • I have always disliked self-heal in games, but Battlefront has the worst self-heal. To get back health, you just have to get out of combat, and you will be full health in no time as I noticed. Seriously, this trend should stop, games with self-heal are horrible.

Things I like About The Game

  • I was surprised and wondered if that can be true, so far in my matched the netcode seemed to be very nice. If I complained about anything in the past Electronic Games like Battlefield 3 or Battlefield 4, then it was the horrible netcode. Killing enemies in Battlefront works rather smooth, I did only play the game for a few hours, but so far it really looks fine. I do also believe that the game does put you on low latency servers in your region, but let’s see if I am right, it’s just my first impression.
  • Although they just used the engine of their previous games, I do like how the graphics like the textures. I think it fits to Star Wars, and I was reminded back to Battlefield 2142 anyhow, the design is quite similar. But I’d say you get Star Wars feeling.
  • The maps from the beta are ok, maybe a little bit small, you get right into the action, it’s something I would usually complain about, but in this case I liked how the game did put me right into the battle of Star Wars. Not sure why I think so this time, but I liked the battles. The overall design of the beta maps deems ok, I mean the appearance and props. But talking about the level design, I am not sure, I have seen better maps.

So far the game has definitely a lot of technical problems, it’s a typical Electronic Arts beta, and I don’t think the release of Star Wars Battlefront will be much different. I’d suggest to wait a long time, and in the most recent time I always advised against pre-ordering. I think the game could be fun, but if you ask me, I would rather wait until the game is heavily price reduced. But I would lie if I would say I didn’t have fun today, once the game was working for a while. What is your first impression? Do you enjoy the Battlefront beta?

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