The Problem With The Twenty Ten Theme…

I realized already some time ago that the Twenty Ten Theme comes with a major problem if you upload a lot of photos or if you use a lot of photos on your blog. It´s about tag and category pages. Let´s take for example the tag Shyna on my blog. If you click this link to the tag page of my cat, you will indeed find all my posts that are related to my cat. But the problem is that you will only see text excerpts which is totally ok, but some themes would show text excerpts and the first photo of the post.

You maybe understand what I am missing with the Twenty Ten Theme. If I show my readers any link or category, it should show all the related posts as text excerpts but also at least one image. This would allow people who are mainly interested in my images to browse through them when I link any tag or category page. It´s not only about my readers, I do prefer those image excerpts as well. It wouldn´t be that difficult to change if my blog would be self hosted. It would be just some PHP changes but that means it is not possible with a blog hosted on WordPress. They offer the custom CSS feature but you can´t change this with the CSS files because it is PHP related. I suggested the mentioned image and text excerpts feature in the forums but it´s not likely that they will add this feature.

This means, I will soon look for a different theme. Or let me say, it might happen that I will experiment with other themes because I think image excerpts are very important for blog that contains a lot of photos. It´s sad that my readers wouldn´t find all my cat photos, if they browse through this category or tag. Instead people will find all cat related posts but they would need to open each article from the list to find my photos. This is a thorn in my side since months.

At the same time it is the only complain about this theme, but it is a big complain. Otherwise, I really like the minimalist design of the Twenty Theme. It´s just the problem with category and tag excerpts. I won´t rush it but I already started to go through several themes. I am looking for a good alternative but didn´t find one yet. I am really picky at this point. I just wanted to talk about it here, that there might be some design changes to this blog in the future.

8 thoughts on “The Problem With The Twenty Ten Theme…

  1. I don’t know much about the technical part of setting up a blog but when I started to maintain one for a church group I picked TwentyTen because it was nice and simple for me to use. Once I started my own blogs I looked for something similar, I think I may have started with TwentyEleven for the same reason, and because it was free :). However in the past year I’ve experimented with different looks for both my blogs and the main reason has been to better display photos. I hadn’t thought about people searching for images and that is a good point as I do a weekly feature photo on each blog. It would be nice if people could search by image. I’ll give that some thought the next time I decide to change themes. I don’t think it is a bad idea to change themes from time to time as it keeps things interesting.

    1. Yes it is not bad to change the themes but on the otherside I sometimes see the downsides that I have no self hosted blog. I had in the past with other projects and I was able to customize the old projects much more. It´s sad that we can´t make php changes here. But then I see we have the benefits of cloud hosting here that we wouldn´t have with a self hosted blog.

      I went several times through all the themes here and there is always at least one thing that I would like to change but often even five things that I would love to change on the theme and mostly not CSS related but PHP related changes.

      I checked out Twenty Eleven and Twenty Twelve in the past too which are really not too different than Twenty Ten but even there, I would want to change some things. It´s difficult 😀 The good thing about Twenty Eleven and Twenty Twelve is that there are image excerpts if you browse through the tags and categories.

  2. I believe that most themes have their own problems. I thought that if I upgraded my WP account the quirks would disappear, or I could fix them, but no they remain. Even with the suggestions of helpful WP techs. Now I will check what I get by clicking categories… I wanted a theme that would not show a heavy distracting photograph or photographs galleries at the top, and one that was also free. I am too lazy to change anything now.

    1. Yes, it´s really hard to find one theme that would fit to all your demands. I tested them all on my internal and private test blog that I did set up for test reasons. I am still really picky and could find problems with every them 😀 Hope you find a theme for your taste.

  3. Hello! I did click on Categories and it goes to the full post with text and images scrolling one after the other. It is the simple Spectrum Theme. I did not do anything to it for the categories to open like that.

    1. I tested this one in the past too but the big font and too colerful layout with graphical elements did put me off a little bit. But I think this is a matter of taste. Hope you are fine with this theme. I really went through all themes and can´t find one to make a decision for a theme change. It´s really hard as I am too picky anyhow 😀

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