A Few Small Blog Changes

MainboardBack then when I started my blog, I had no idea why I did so, I also had no idea how far I would go. It’s out of question today, I like blogging pretty much. But sometimes you need to take a look if you still like how you did set your blog up. I made some minor changes now.

  1. I had sub menus below the header. That made the menu look crowded. I removed the sub menus and do now only show links to the main categories of the blog.
  2. I had quite a lot of internal links in the widget area, I reduced the amount of links in the category cloud as same as in some of the other widgets that show internal links. This makes the page load a little bit faster again I think.
  3. I completely overhauled my About Me page and wrote a new one that should describe me and my blog better. It’s also a shorter text. I disabled likes and comments on pages (not on posts). I think enabled comments on pages tempt one-time visitors to think it’s some kind of a guest book where dropping a link or two-word comments is allowed. I dislike that pretty much and had to do the change. I disabled the likes on pages as I have a widget that shows “Top Liked” posts, my About Me page was in there due to the many likes, although I only want to show top liked articles within the widget.
  4. The archieve widget became quite long as it showed every month and I blog since 2011. I removed it and created a special archieve page that is now linked on my sidebar. This alone made the sidebar much cleaner and faster to load. I see no point to show all the months since 2011 there, it’s better to have a separate page for it I think.

There are a couple of other things that I would like to change but where I m not brave enough yet. After a while you get more aware what your main subjects are, which means you might not be that happy anymore with the categories you did set up. To change them, it would mean a lot of work. When you change one category, you might also need to change all articles that contain links to the categories. I have quite a lot of internal links pointing to categories or tags from articles, that is something I don’t want to mess up yet.

I also mentioned that I would like to change the theme at some point. I mentioned already in 2014 that the Twenty Ten theme is overall fine, but that it has a major problem. The theme can not show photos on the category or tag pages, it only shows text excerpts and a button called “continue reading” to see the images as well. This is of course a big problem for a blog that contains quite a lot of images.

I have a private blog that only I can access, it’s basically my sandbox where I try themes out, where I try other things out before I change something on my open blog. I can tell you, even with a theme change you can mess a lot of your posts up. My blog contains over 1200 posts in a format that was written for the Twenty Ten theme.

When I changed the theme on my test blog, I saw some major problems occurring. Going through all 1200 posts to find out where something is messed up, that is a work I don’t want to do yet. That’s one of the reasons why I stayed with the same theme for so long although there is one big problem with the theme.

I think I am not the guy for big changes. But at some time I might do all this, it’s just that I still can’t image to do it now. Meanwhile I make some minor tweaks.

2 thoughts on “A Few Small Blog Changes

  1. I went to look at your updated About Me page and I think you describe yourself and the blog much better now that your English has improved such a lot. I should give mine a tidy up too now it’s been going over two years but like you the thought of tidying all those categories etc makes it feel like a big job. I’ll probably do like you and tweak a few things for now.

    1. Thank you, I think the writing and reading in English does really help me. I would say there is still a lot to improve, but I see the improvements already too when I go back to older posts. That is one of the reasons why I updated the About Me page, because I didn’t like the way I wrote back then. Also it’s now much more clear what I write about the most, and that made it easier to describe the blog.

      Yes, I think we bloggers often forget about the structure of the blog. I am not so much for changes, but at times it makes sense to clean a little bit up. After two years, I think you might find some minor things to change too.

      Yes, the thing with the categories is a major flaw of WordPress, at least when you have links within articles to these categories, because they won’t change automatically when you would delete categories for example. So, if a lot of dead links are leftover due to the changes, that could make a lot of trouble in the Google Webmaster Tool. You would need to change all links manually. At the moment it’s not worth the work, I am not motivated for this. Also I don’t want to mess all that up.

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