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Shyna And The New York Yankees Cap

Cat With New York Yankees Cap

Usually it´s so that my cat Shyna annoys me and not the other way around. For example if I work on the computer, she sometimes bugs me and meows until I give up to work on the computer and spend time with her. I´d say this does not happen always but often! Well, she is very attached to me but over the time she also learned that I can´t keep her busy for 24 hours. But as said, sometimes she won´t accept it and then she will bug me until I spend time with her.

Yesterday, it was the other way around. I found this cool New York Yankees cap that I have worn 10 years ago or so. I do not want to wear it again and thought I would make some fun with my cat. As often she was near the windows to take a sun-bath and she had her eyes closed which means she was sleepy and enjoyed the sunbeams. I was so unfair to wake her up and did put the New York Yankees cap over her head. She was not impressed by this but I thought “Cat? Now I bug you because I need some funny photos!”. After some time she started to accept the cap and I was able to take some photos. You saw the first one already and here is the second image that is cool too…

Cat Wears Hat

I really had to laugh about my cat and it was a successful revenge campaign, what do you think?


  1. Cats, and dogs too love to bug us when we’re on the computer don’t they? I think you chose a great way to get revenge on Shyna and she looks cute in the cap. However, I’m sure she’ll be out to get you back very soon. 🙂

    • She will soon, I am very sure too, haha. It´s her main hobby to bug me and she is very good in it. 🙂

      Yes I agree, I do know this from both… cats and dogs. But it shows that they like our attention, it´s funny but at times really annoying if you need to work on something 🙂

  2. Those are cute photos. Maybe she would prefer a Detroit Tigers cap. 🙂

    I will sometimes annoy Chris too. If he is bothering me too much I will hug him long enough for him to get upset and want to leave. Of course he usually comes back after a short time.

    • Might be. Maybe she is just not a New York Yankees fan 😀 I think it´s fun to bother cats and they realize sometimes that it is playing. I think we know how to keep cats busy 🙂

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