New York Yankees Cat

Going through my folders on my hard disk, I found the photo above. This photo is leftover from a small set of photos that I uploaded here. Not sure why I didn’t add it to the old post but I can think of some reasons why I don’t post always all photos at once… When you upload some photos of the same set months later, you can highlight the older content with a link in your post. Another reason is that I don’t post all photos of a scene or of a set at once because I like to show … Continue reading New York Yankees Cat

Shyna And The New York Yankees Cap

Usually it´s so that my cat Shyna annoys me and not the other way around. For example if I work on the computer, she sometimes bugs me and meows until I give up to work on the computer and spend time with her. I´d say this does not happen always but often! Well, she is very attached to me but over the time she also learned that I can´t keep her busy for 24 hours. But as said, sometimes she won´t accept it and then she will bug me until I spend time with her. Yesterday, it was the other … Continue reading Shyna And The New York Yankees Cap