New York Yankees Cat

New York Yankees Cat

Going through my folders on my hard disk, I found the photo above. This photo is leftover from a small set of photos that I uploaded here. Not sure why I didn’t add it to the old post but I can think of some reasons why I don’t post always all photos at once…

When you upload some photos of the same set months later, you can highlight the older content with a link in your post. Another reason is that I don’t post all photos of a scene or of a set at once because I like to show them stepwise. Then I usually edit my photos either with Photoshop or Lightroom, when I want to correct some things but I am too lazy to edit several photos at once if I have not the time to do so.

On the day when we took the photos, I did annoy my cat with the New York Yankees cap. My cat likes to prank me, she does for example often hide my freshly laundered socks anywhere in the apartment. Of course I have to think out pranks too. On the photo you can see one of my pranks. Hope it made you smile.

4 thoughts on “New York Yankees Cat

    1. To be honest, she started it. 🙂 She can be very creative but the prank with stealing socks, that is the most annoying one 🙂 I had this happen that she steals only one sock of a pair. Later I started to (not sure how to say this in English) connect both socks of a pair into each other… you know what I mean. But she is not stupid, now she steals the whole pair, I just made it more easy for her 😀

      1. I guess you mean you roll your two socks of a pair together? I know when I do this I get a ball shape and I imagine that would be irresistable to a cat who likes to play. Last time I stayed with my sister one of her dogs stole one of my socks. We still haven’t found it. 🙂

      2. Exactly what I meant. I didn’t consider that it would make the socks even more attractive for pets. But no matter how I do it, she would steal the socks anyway. Yes, pets really know how to hide things 🙂 I still miss several socks too and bought new ones. Who knows, one day I will find the others, probably when I refurbish my rooms, haha.

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