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How To Take Screenshots in Dear Esther And Where You Will Find Them

Dear Esther Cave And Moon Screenshot

Not sure if we can call Dear Esther a game or if we should rather call it an artwork, engine demo or tech demo of the source engine. But one thing is sure, exploring the stunning island in Dear Esther is fun and it might be that you found some beautiful places too. If so, you probably want to take some screenshots and I will describe how you can do this and where you will find your screenshots after you took them.

You can take screenshots in Dear Esther with the “F5” key but you can also remap this key under the control settings if you like. Steam users also have the possibility to take screenshots with the F12 key, if you didn´t remap they key already.

So, where will the Dear Esther screenshots be located at after you took them? If you used the screenshot key “F5” of the game, you will find them where the Dear Esther folder is installed and in it there might be a second folder called Dear Esther as well. In it you will find the screenshot folder. This is also correct for users who have the game on Steam but used the “F5” key to take the screens.

If you are Steam user and if you took your screens with the Steam overlay and “F12”, you will find them in the client under “View” and then “Screenshots”. There you will see them all and you can also click on “Show On Disk” to open the folder where they are located at on your hard drive.

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