About Till Eulenspiegel and Photos from Mölln


As promised in my latest Blogpost “In search of Till Eulenspiegel in Mölln…” I do show you Photos about Till Eulenspiegel now and write about this Topic.

Till Eulenspiegel and the possible Author…

Till Eulenspiegel (Low German spelling: Dyl Ulenspiegel) was a Trickster, a Character and eponymous Hero in a Middle German Book of Folk Tales. The Book “Ein kurtzweilig Lesen von Dyl Ulenspiegel, geboren uß dem Land zu Brunßwick, wie er sein leben volbracht hat” has been published anonymously. The oldest Version of the Book is dated 1510-12.

There were differend great Efforts to identify the Writer of the Tale and until Today there is still no solid Evidence. There are just a few Indications and Historians and Germanists still argue over it while it´s often written today that a Person called Hermann Bote was the Author. But as mentioned with no solid Evidence. But one thing is very clear… The Tale was in former Times a Bestseller and translated to many differend European Languages, and one of the most known Books of the earlier 16th Century.

The Character Till Eulenspiegel and the Question if he really existed…

In the Books, Till Eulenspiegel is born in the Year 1300 in Kreitlingen near the Elm (Central German Uplands) and baptized in the Casle Chapel of his Godfather “Till von Uetze” in the nearby Village called Ampleben. The Christening has been executed by the Abbot Arnold Pfaffenmeyer (or Arnold Papenmeyer). His Vather was called Claus Ulnspiegel in the Story and his Mother was Ann Witcken.

Till Eulenspiegel appeared just outwardly like a Trickster but in Fact he was intellectuality and savvy with fun and Jokes advantaged over the People around him.
His Tricks arise as a Result that he often takes a Trope literally. He makes use of it as a way to expose the Deficiencies of the People around him and to expose the Shortcomings of his Time.

Already in his young Years, he couldn´t resist to play Tricks with his Parents. Nobody is safe from his cunning and deliberately misinterpreting. He can´t understand why People anger easily. “Lovely Lordy” he said… “Isn´t it a great Wonder? I do everything I am called to, and I still dont earn Thanks!”. It is true: “I am born in a unfortunate Hour!”.

“Till Eulenspiegel is in the Story the inherent, unpredictable Factor of Complication that can throw any Communication, whether with oneself or others, into disarray. These Irritations, amounting to Conflicts, have the Potential of effecting mental Paradigm Changes and Increases in the Level of Consciousness, and in the End, of leading to Truth. Although Craftsmen are featured as the principal victims of his pranks, neither the Nobility nor the Pope are exempt from being fooled by him.” (Topic: Till Eulenspiegel on Wikipedia).

He died 1350 in Mölln, bases on the rhymed Middle German Inscription on a Memorial Stone from the Middle Period of the 16th Century. Today the Memorial Stone stands on the St. Nicolai Church in Mölln.


In the last 200 Years, People looked for the Evidence of the factual Existence of the Person Till Eulenspiegel. The Till Eulenspiegel Researcher called Bernd Ulrich Hucker found in a Braunschweiger Document Book an Evidence that a Thile van Cletlinge (Till from Kneitlingen) and four other Person of the lower Aristocracy has been arrested in 1339 due to a Street Robery. At 1350 there were three poor Lines of this Aristocracy Family. But there is not enought or any solid Evidence to say that Till Eulenspiegel did really live.

However… You can see Till Eulenspiegel on the Stone. He holds an Owl in his Hand and a Mirro in the other Hand.
The Inscription says in Low German: “Anno 1350 is dusse steen upgehauvn de ulenspigel ligt hir under begraven market wol un denket dran wer ick gewest si up erden alle de hir voröver gan moten mi glick werden.”.
Translated to standard German: “Im Jahre 1350 wurde dieser Stein aufgestellt, der Eulenspiegel liegt darunter begraben. Erinnert euch und denkt daran, wer ich war auf Erden. Alle, die hier vorüber gehen, sollen mir gleich werden.”.
Translated to English: “This Stone has been placed in the Year 1350, the Eulenspiegel is buried below. Remember and think about it, who I has been on Earth. All who walk along here, should become equal.”.

There is also a Till Eulenspiegel Museum in Mölln which reminds in a permanent Exhibition to the most famous german Trickster, from the literary Figure to the Children’s Books of Today.

On our Trip from Lübeck to Mölln, my Mother wanted to find the Till Eulenspiegel Memorials as mentioned in my earlier Blogpost “In search of Till Eulenspiegel in Mölln…“.
We had a great Day and found everything my Mother was looking for. The Trip to Mölln with my Family gave me the possibility to show you the Photos and to write about Till Eulenspiegel, while I must admit that this was not an easy Topic to write about in English. Well you know I am German. But as always I just can say “Learning by doing”. I think I didn´t only practice English with this Blogpost. I also learned more about Till Eulenspiegel. It´s some Time ago when I did study this Topic in my School Time. But the Research and Internet hopefully helped me out here 😉

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