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A mysterious Stone or not


We found that Stone with an Inscription near the Baltic Sea in Germany. Translated to English you can read there “The Lord in heaven is stronger than the noise of great waters, yes, he is stronger than the great waves of the sea.” and in German “Die Wasserwogen im Meer sind groß und brausen mächtig; der HERR aber ist noch größer in der Höhe.”

We took the Photo with a bad Mobile Phone Camera. I also wasn´t sure what the Shortcut PS934 on the Stone after the Text did mean, so that I did ask Google for it. I then found out it is the Psalm 934 from the Bible which I never did read completely. I just did read a few Sites because I had to do it while Confirmation Classes when I was younger. I am still not sure today but I think I am not that faithful. Just confirmed when I was young.

I am more excited about all the Science Documentations which tell me how Life and the Universe was created. You know Big Bang Theory and so on. I mean I believe rather to Astrophysics and Natural Science.

However. Anyway I like the Text on this Stone. Sounds somewhat mysterious and fits to the Area there on the Baltic Sea. Even if I am not that much faithful, it counts to my Culture and Religion on the Paper anyway like all these beautiful Churches in Germany. We had to make this Photo even if it´s in bad Quality. I am sorry for the Quality of the Photo.

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