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Creative Writing Ideas And Blog Inspiration: Photos Will Give You Something To Write About

What I noticed after some of my latest blog posts where I first added one of my photos to the empty editor before I started to write anything, is that the photos that me or my family members shot, inspire me pretty much to start tell a story. I mean photos give me something to write about and this works so well, that I do this since some time now. Even if I had no idea before I started to write, the photo will inspire me instantly and I guess the photos give me something to write about because it is not much different as if I would show this photo a friend. If you show friends your photos, what will happen? Either they ask you a question about the photo and you will give them the answer or you will start to talk about the photo without asking for a question because this photo reminds you to something. I think this is why I easily get something to write about if I watch photos.

This is really great or? If you start a blog, check out if this works for you too. You don´t even have to own a professional camera because I do take most of my photos with my smartphone or a cheap point and shoot camera. And I must say I am not a professional photographer, I just like to collect photos of different things on my hard disk and sometimes I upload interesting photos to my blog without the intention to write anything but it happens anyway, I start writing! I started to upload photos because I like to share photos of moments. Maybe also because my blog is like my own photo album which I can open when ever I feel to do so. But additionally I noticed that the photos inspire me easily and I suggest this method because I do think this is a good way how to write your story.

So if you lost inspiration, if you never used photos in your articles or if you just want to know how to start writing a diary blog, then I suggest you to buy a cheap camera if you don´t own one yet or simply use your smartphone and start to take photos of moments you like or photos of places, animals and architecture or what ever moments you like to capture. I have a cheap camera and my smartphone camera but I think it´s enough to take photos for my blog. The inspiration counts. It´s fun. I took thousands of photos that I have saved on my hard disk and that I could upload whenever I like and often I travel through all the folders and find a good one that inspires me a lot. It´s a good way to get creative writing ideas. That is also one of the creative writing tips that I like to suggest you.

If you always wrote blog posts without adding photos or if you just want to get started with blogging, then give it a try. It´s one of the best story writing tips that I discovered while uploading and watching my photos. The photos will inspire you to write something, I promise! I saw so many blog writing tips but the photo story method that I discovered when I started to blog, is really working much better for me than any other blog writing tips that I got. So, take your camera and start taking photos and choose your favorite photos, upload them and tell the people what happened in the moment you shot the photo. Or tell them why you want to share this photo. You will notice how easy it is that let your thoughts flow into the article of your blog. It is much fun.

First look at your photo and then add it to your empty blog editor and see whats happening with you. Maybe it´s just my experience but I believe your photos will give you something to write about too. This is a very cool method to find blog inspiration. I hope this will work for you as well. Let me know!

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