Hilarious Spam Comment Examples Part 3

Considering that there is not much comedy on my blog, apart from my Memes maybe, I thought that some spam comments are so amusing, that they could spice up my blog with humor. I am not sure at this point, but this is the reason why I created the Hilarious Spam Comment Examples series.

Hilarious Spam Example

Above you can see one great example and this comment got for sure my attention. I mean, I am the only one who would like to have fans? The guy who did think out the comment seems to be a true fan. Sometimes it is really better if you do your breakfast right away, because there are more important things than spending too much time while eating. My blog seems to be one of the very important things, if you believe this guy.

Ok you got it, it´s just spam. However, the fact that he or she tried to place the comment on my article Akismet works pretty great, that makes it even more fun. But as always, it was probably just again a bot that got fed by a not so creative person. I mean, who on this earth would let that kind of stupid comment go through? The person which fed the bot, must clearly go out to take some fresh air. What do you think?

As always I now must preach, how important it is to set up your blog so that you need to moderate every comment before they go through. I say this again, because the comment above would have been clearly one of the comments that would be otherwise published, if I would not moderate every comment. Akismet works great but it only works great as long as the spammers are already known by Akismet, which works on the way that we flag spam comments so that Akismet can learn about new spammers.


2 thoughts on “Hilarious Spam Comment Examples Part 3

    1. It might be, but on the other side I get a lot of these comments totally random on different articles and have to put them in the spam folder. They usually don´t fit well to my articles so that it is easy to find out that it is just spam. But anyway, yes it might be that it was humorous in this case. You never know 🙂

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