Cat Listens To The Guitar

I was playing guitar today and I do this usually at least twice or three times a week and sometimes even everyday. If I just want to have fun for some minutes, I usually don´t plug the guitar into any hardware and play just without any amplification. When I did that again today, my cat came along and wanted to listen. I stopped to play for a while to place my smartphone camera on the table and then I went back on the couch to play guitar and she listened.

Shyna does that always if I play without amplification as it is not too loud then. When I play with open speakers or with an amp, she would go into the other room, understandably.

In the beginning of the video above, I just have thrown some random guitar chords together. In the middle I used some chords and licks of the “Cat Fish Blues” (Played by Hendrix, Muddy Waters and so on). And after that there is another random melody and at the end I do improvise the beginning of “Stairways to Heaven” but my cat runs away. Does that mean she dislikes Led Zeppelin or does it mean she didn´t like how I was playing the song? I guess only she knows. 🙂

I don´t record videos that often as I dislike to edit videos because it is not my favorite activity. However, sometimes I do that and I have already some of my own guitar videos on my blog, in case you want to check them out. I should maybe upload stuff like that more often but video editing is a pain in my opinion. But over time I will do upload some more videos.

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