Rising World Alpha Patch 0.6 Released

The developers of Rising World released the alpha patch 0.6 on September 28. They made some changes to the visuals and reworked all plants and trees. They did also replace several textures and they added background melodies to achieve that the game is more immersive. You can find the complete list of changes below: Patch Notes General New tree types: Spruce, forest spruce, birch, weeping willow, maple, apple tree, lemon tree, rowen New plants (can be cultivated and provide food): Strawberry, potato, lettuce, broccoli New ingame music New sound effects New objects (incl. different variations): road barrier, boom barrier, cone, … Continue reading Rising World Alpha Patch 0.6 Released

How to Disable The New Character Models in World of Warcraft

If you are one of the people who doesn’t like the new World of Warcraft character models, don’t worry, there is an option to enable the old character models and to turn off the new models. If you are a World of Warcraft veteran who loved the old models, or if you liked the old ones for whatever reason, we will take a look now how to disable the new character models. And it’s very easy! You just need to open the game menu and there you open “System” and “Advanced”. on the bottom right you will see a box … Continue reading How to Disable The New Character Models in World of Warcraft

A Garden For My Mother And Her Husband

There will be new opportunities for nature photos in the future. My mother and her husband got an offer to get a nice garden. The garden is near the Trave River in Lübeck. I didn´t see the garden yet but my mother did send me the images above via WhatsApp. They said they need to work to make it all beautiful but I am already excited about the photos. It´s not far away from the river of our town and this is pretty great because there is a lot of nature too. Maybe not so much nature like in Salem, … Continue reading A Garden For My Mother And Her Husband

“Total War: Rome 2” a sequel of “Rome: Total War”!

Great News for all the Fans of the Total War Game Series! Looks like “Total War: Rome 2” a Sequel of the good old “Rome: Total War” will maybe announced soon! There is a Teaser Image for the next issue of PC PowerPlay and it is a picture of “Rome: Total War” that suggests “Total War: Rome 2” is in development. I did read that today in a german Games Magazin called 4Players. Update: The game is already released and you can get a Steam key on GamersGate. Or check out the system requirements of Rome 2. If this is … Continue reading “Total War: Rome 2” a sequel of “Rome: Total War”!