Rising World Alpha Patch 0.6 Released

Rising World Screenshot

The developers of Rising World released the alpha patch 0.6 on September 28. They made some changes to the visuals and reworked all plants and trees. They did also replace several textures and they added background melodies to achieve that the game is more immersive. You can find the complete list of changes below:

Patch Notes


  • New tree types: Spruce, forest spruce, birch, weeping willow, maple, apple tree, lemon tree, rowen
  • New plants (can be cultivated and provide food): Strawberry, potato, lettuce, broccoli
  • New ingame music
  • New sound effects
  • New objects (incl. different variations): road barrier, boom barrier, cone, delineator
  • Item stacks can now be divided in your inventory by using your mouse wheel while dragging
  • Sheep will drop wool now (used to craft cloths)
  • Added different light colors (green, blue, yellow, orange, white) for red lamp model (lamp1)
  • Added new variations for some lamps
  • Added warning when your inventory is full while digging
  • Flowers can now be replanted
  • Sickle and scythe are no longer able to destroy objects
  • Some recipes require cloths now as ingredient


  • Higher resolution and variations for some textures
  • Added support for Nvidia Optimus and AMD Dynamic Switchable Graphics (Windows 64-bit only)
  • Object placement key bindings can now be changed in the setting
  • Audio output device can now be changed in the settings
  • Added options to adjust volume of different audio groups (e.g. ambience, animals, footsteps etc) individually
  • New Lua functions: “player:setCreativeModeEnabled(set)” to enable creative mode, “player:slap(damage)” to hurt a player and “player:playSound(soundname, position)” to play a sound for a player
  • Moved to FMOD soundengine, OpenAL is non longer used
  • Improved many sound effects (e.g. ambience sounds)
  • Improved tomato plant and watermelon model
  • Game takes less time to start now
  • General performance improvements
  • When changing the resolution, you have to confirm a dialog within 15 second
  • Game now automatically selects another full-screen mode if current mode is not supported
  • If an error occurs, the game provides more useful information now
  • Improved settings menu, added reminder to save changes and appropriate option to revert changes
  • Increased visibility of glass panes when placing
  • Minor adjustments to main menu
  • Adjusted loading-screen for certain resolutions/aspect ratios
  • Replaced logo after starting the game


  • It’s no longer possible to put chest items into wrong inventory slots
  • Fixed issue when too many objects were placed in the same chunk
  • Fixed camera jittering when standing at slopes
  • Fixed wrong fog calculation in LOD chunks
  • Piano sound is no longer audible over large distances (multiplayer)
  • Fixed issue that prevented a multiplayer server from loading Lua scripts in some cases
  • Game no longer crashes when no audio device is connected
  • Fixed error when removing a WorldElement (e.g. 3DText) via Lua

Bugfix 0.6.1

  • Adjusted some sound effects
  • Improved logging when game_debug_console is enabled
  • Adjusted size of tree logs in inventory
  • Fixed cutting a plant with the sickle (now needs only 1 hit)
  • Fixed wrong positioning of blocks when using blueprints
  • Fixed issue which prevented you to change resolution in some cases
  • Fixed picking up watermelons and pumpkins
  • Fixed crash on startup on some machines
  • Fixed recipes for wooden blocks

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