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Tag: Patch

Rising World Alpha Patch 0.6 Released

The developers of Rising World released the alpha patch 0.6 on September 28. They made some changes to the visuals and reworked all plants and trees. They did also replace […]

Sim City 5 Has Now An Offline Mode

Sim City 5, one of the most hated games out there, has now an offline mode after all. If you remember Sim City 5, it´s the game with horrible small […]

Battlefield 4 PC Update Dec 16

DICE just released another Battlefield 4 update for the PC version. It´s the Dec 16 BF4 PC Update. Patch Notes for the Dec 16 update: -Fix for a crash that […]

Battlefield 4 Dec 3 Update out…

Electronic Arts and DICE have released a new update for Battlefield 4 on Dec 3. A DICE moderator states that some issues have been addressed and solved. Here are the […]

World of Tanks Patch 8.8 arrived…

World of Tanks got again a new patch. The patch delivers new game content like new tanks. Some of the older tanks got a rebalance. Also there will be a […]

Total War Rome 2 Bugs and Problems

Total War Rome 2 has been released last week. But not without problems. You can find a lot of complaints about the game in several forums and groups of the […]