A Battlefield Classic Mode Will Be Delivered With The Next Battlefield 4 Patch And Might Add The Battlefield 2 Gameplay Experience

Good news For all Battlefield players who always prefered the gameplay experience of older Battlefield titles. DICE added a patch to the Community Test Environment (CTE) that includes a Battlefield classic mode. That this mode will come to Battlefield 4 with the next patch, that was also mentioned by a DICE developer in the forums of Battlefield 4…

Battlefield classic mode for Battlefield 4 will come with the next patch

The developer answered the Battlefield 4 player question “Can we get something like Classic mode that is similar to Battlefield 2…?” with “It´s coming in this patch.”

More information’s popped up over the days and the same developer mentioned the following details about the classic mode:

Goal: Add a preset that simulates the glory of old battlefield titles!

Classic Preset testable
In this patch we have classic preset testable – and there will be servers running this mode.
Classic preset settings
Same as hardcore means the same ranges that is currently allowed on hardcore for this variable applies.

friendlyFire, PC: same as hardcore, Console: 0
idleTimeout, PC: same as hardcore, Console: 300
autoBalance, true
teamKillCountForKick, PC: same as hardcore, Console: 5
teamKillKickForBan, PC: same as hardcore, Console: 3
vehicleSpawnAllowed, PC: same as hardcore, Console: true
regenerateHealth, false
onlySquadLeaderSpawn, true
minimap, true
hud, true
miniMapSpotting, true
3dSpotting, false
killCam, false
3pCam, false
nameTag, false
hitIndicatorsEnabled, true
playerRespawnTime, PC: same as hardcore, Console: 100
soldierHealth, PC: same as hardcore, Console: 100
bulletDamage, PC: same as hardcore, Console: 100
forceReloadWholeMags, true
roundStartPlayerCount, 4
commander, PC: same as hardcore, Console: true
gameModeCounter, PC: same as hardcore, Console: 100

I´d say this is a quite big news because I know many people who criticized Battlefield 4 because it simply couldn´t devliver the same Battlefield experience that veteran people know from the past. The hardcore mode of Battlefield 4 was a tradeoff but still not the same what people who enjoyed Battlefield 2, Battlefield 2142 and earlier titles wanted to see. But now it´s coming. The classic Battlefield gameplay experience and you can are already find tons of positive statements by players who tested it on the test servers. I think this news might bring me and my friends back to Battlefield 4. What about you?

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