Snapshots of Billy in the Car

We were in the garden again yesterday to enjoy the afternoon outdoors. The garden is just five minutes away from the home of my mother and her husband, so that it is not too much stress for their dog in the car. I was on the back seat and paid attention to him. At times I had to laugh because he seemed to enjoy to watch out of the windows and it was funny. I took these snapshots when we were in the car. The image quality is bad which is why I call them snapshots. But I still like the images as they show how Billy enjoys the short car trip.

6 thoughts on “Snapshots of Billy in the Car

  1. Most dogs enjoy a car ride and like to look out the window. Some like to stick their heads out but that is very bad for them. We have a station wagon, or estate car as they say in the UK and our dog Cindy rides in the back with a barrier to keep her from climbing over. She gets over excited in the car and whimpers if we take more than a few minutes to get to our destination, like a child asking “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” The dogs we had before her were better and would sit quietly looking out the window or even go to sleep on a long journey. By the way in some Australian states it is the law that dogs must be restrained in a car either by a cargo barrier like we do or with a harness attached to the seat belt. Have you ever heard of this? I think it is a good idea actually because in an accident the dog could go flying through the windscreen.

    1. Yes, you make a very important point for both animal and human. I think I would suggest anybody to think about this if we talk about longer rides with fast tempo. Yesterday I thought about the cargo barrier or a carrier box too. I asked my mother and her husband if they ever did a longer and faster ride with Billy and they said only once, when they drove from Lübeck to Salem which takes 40 minutes and more tempo. I said that a carrier box or cargo barrier might be a good idea in this case as even small objects in a car can become real rockets if a car driver must brake abrupt in an accident. Even smallest objects can become dangerous projectiles. Especially on a german country road or Autobahn with high tempo. But they know it and answered, “we usually only take him with us since we have the garden that is just 5 minutes away from home but consider this in case we would drive longer routes again”. The streets are 30 km/h slow speed limited in our district where the home and garden is. Anyway still very important to mention this, yes. I know people who can´t really imagine what kind of power is behind the smallest object once it gets accelerated (although this is basic physics that anybody should have learned but some do sadly underestimate it). Not sure if there is any rule about this in the German street law but I assume there is. We have rules about anything but in this case I´d say it would be a very good rule.

      1. I’m glad to hear that because I was a little bit concerned at seeing Billy loose on the back seat. At 30kph for five minutes it’s probably not so much of a concern but you never know. I don’t believe that it is a law in Tasmania but I know that it is in at least two Australian states. One thing I really dislike seeing here is dogs riding on the back of utes (pick ups they call them in some places) At least they have to be chained now, A dog running loose in the back of a truck would be in a very unsafe position..

      2. I also I did have Billy on my lap… not sure if this is the right english word. He was only loose for the photos but the other minutes I did hold him.

        I agree with you. When a friend had to move, he rented a transporter and we all did help him. Only problem… 3 people could sit in the car but we were five. We had the “cool” idea that two of us could simply sit in the cargo room. We were twenty at this time, the age when you still have stupid ideas. All I still know is that the 20 minute ride was a hell. We were sliding on the ground back and forth and we could only hold on some furniture that was strapped but we were afraid that we could untie the strap on this way. After the first ride my friend had not too much furniture in his old appartment anymore so that we decided that it is enough if 3 people drive back. We could then still help with 5 people to carry everything into the new appartment later. Because it was simply a hell ride on the cargo area, we didn´t want to do this again. I assume this is how it must be for dogs on the utes you mentioned.

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