Simplified Car

Some of you already know, I fell in love with the concept of downgrading or reducing color palettes or alternatively but similar, making use of cutout filters. Both methods basically give you the same result. You can make images look like they were digitally painted. Often it reminds me of older computer games from times where developers and artists had to use fewer colors, either due to code or technical restrictions (C64, Amiga, early PCs, and so on). So, here I am, I still love it. Maybe because I grew up with the stuff and color reduced pictures make me … Continue reading Simplified Car

Trying A Different Photography Niche

I’ve been bored today and it was very sunny outside, but way too hot in my living room. It was hot outside too, but not that hot. I wanted to walk outside, and after that I wanted to visit my mother. But today I didn’t want to leave the city, I wanted to try something new in photography. I had the idea already yesterday, I thought I need to take some photos of cars because I barely have some in my library. I thought it would be pretty easy. Just look for a car dealer in the city and take … Continue reading Trying A Different Photography Niche

Old Film Photo: A Police Car In Berlin

I wanted to test the Google Photo Scan android app but it seems that both, my tablet and smartphone are not supported. I then tried an alternative app called Photomyne and it’s not too bad but not outstanding. Of course I shot film too back in the days, for example in the at the end of the 80`s or in the 90`s but also around millennium. So, I have a rather large stack of analog photos, or film photos in my cabinet. Mostly of family and friends, or places we’ve been together. But it seems I experimented back then too, … Continue reading Old Film Photo: A Police Car In Berlin

Snapshots of Billy in the Car

We were in the garden again yesterday to enjoy the afternoon outdoors. The garden is just five minutes away from the home of my mother and her husband, so that it is not too much stress for their dog in the car. I was on the back seat and paid attention to him. At times I had to laugh because he seemed to enjoy to watch out of the windows and it was funny. I took these snapshots when we were in the car. The image quality is bad which is why I call them snapshots. But I still like … Continue reading Snapshots of Billy in the Car