Simplified Car

car with reduced color palette

Some of you already know, I fell in love with the concept of downgrading or reducing color palettes or alternatively but similar, making use of cutout filters. Both methods basically give you the same result. You can make images look like they were digitally painted. Often it reminds me of older computer games from times where developers and artists had to use fewer colors, either due to code or technical restrictions (C64, Amiga, early PCs, and so on).

So, here I am, I still love it. Maybe because I grew up with the stuff and color reduced pictures make me nostalgic. Talking about the settings, you can get different results depending on the number of colors you want to have in the image. With very few colors, things start to look like digital paintings, with more colors it’ll still appear like being scanned or even shot as a photo. Each image is an individual experiment. And that’s the fun of trying things like that out.

The image at the top was a photo that I shot some months ago. I saw this VW Gold on an empty parking lot, then I crouched to take a photo from an interesting angle. Just a few days ago I downgraded the colors of the image and changed the whole color palette to give it a completely different toning. I also removed the VW sign and the license plate. I just thought it would make the car or image look cleaner, without distracting things. I also just like to keep practicing photo editing techniques and you can also kill boredom by doing, well, something like that. I will show you the original photo in the future because it looks good with the standard amount of colors too.

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