Kiez Katze

Kiez Katze

The image at the top is the result of a sleepless night. I basically experimented with the idea to reduce the number of colors in some of my photos. It all started with a cat photo I shot. I reduced the color palette to the point that it started to look like a cartoon cat and a nice side-effect of it was that it became quite easy to cut the cat out and remove the background. Then I did experiment with some of the artistic painting effects in the filter gallery of Photoshop. I did especially like the “cutout” effect. But I didn’t like the real eyes of the cat and I thought it would be funnier to add two big circles with a standard brush, and two small black pupils to make the cat eyes look cartoonish. This is how the cat looked like before I added a background with the cartoon eyes already added…

cutout cat

I thought the cat looked hilarious. First, I only wanted to upload this image but then I thought it would be fun to experiment with backgrounds. I found a photo that I shot in front of an abandoned factory. The ground looked interesting and the demolished and sprayed fences looked interesting, especially when I applied the cutout filter to the image too. That’s when I decided on the name of the Photoshop project. I called it “Kiez Katze”. It’s German and if I attempt to translate it to English, I’d say it means “Hood Cat”, “Neighborhood Cat” or maybe even “Ghetto Cat”. Below I will show you my personal photos I used. One of them is where I did cut out the cat and the other one was used for the background as said…

So, this was an interesting project and I like the result. Do you like what I came up with? Do you find the cartoon cat with the big eyes funny?


14 thoughts on “Kiez Katze

    1. Thank you. I start to like the cutout effect… I also tested it on a photo that I shot in the historic district and I was amazed at the result. I might upload that too. It’s nice to have some artsy or cartoonish images on the blog too.

    1. Thank you. The first background I have chosen worked right-away. A tried a second one that didn’t work that well. So, the first one was a nice hit.

  1. I’m impressed by both results, though I’m a bit uneasy with having photos move that far into the realm of what a painter might be doing. You know, the old man versus machine battle, neo-Luddite that I am.

  2. I admire your patience and skill, Dennis. Not sure about the crossed eyes, but it does fit the image.
    You mentioned games: Are you familiar with Elvenar? It’s a fantasy building game, (from Germany)quite complicated, and Im wondering if you’ve ever run across it.

    1. I tested the crossed eyes and thought it looks funnier 🙂 I haven’t heard of Elvenar. I play mostly World of Warships these days. Sometimes other stuff but this year it was really mostly World of Warships that I played with my friends.

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