Weekly Photo Challenge: Boundaries

Railroad Boundary

The recent Weekly Photo Challenge is about boundaries. The boundary you see in my photo is a protective barrier for the railroad network. I think it has two functions, stopping people to cross the rails and noise-insulation. What I like about the wall is that it’s not an ugly wall, I like how it’s overgrown with plants, we have other more ugly protective barriers in our city, but this one is quite beautiful in my opinion, what do you think?

3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Boundaries

  1. The plants growing on it do make it interesting and more appealing than just a flat stone or metal wall would be. I like the low perspective you chose too.

    1. True, it makes the barrier look a little bit natural… In TV I saw cities where they grow plants on rooftops and so on… it would make a lot of areas much more beautiful 🙂

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