Abandoned Garden Shed

To my surprise, and if I remember right, a reader of my blog told me once that garden areas are not common in his country. So, when I talk about garden areas in Germany, they are very common here and I don’t talk about gardens in front of any houses. What I am talking about are large areas where you find several hundred plots that citizens can rent. The thing is, some people live in apartment complex, others live in an apartment tower, which means they don’t have a garden in front of their home. And that is where the … Continue reading Abandoned Garden Shed

Weekly Photo Challenge: Boundaries

The recent Weekly Photo Challenge is about boundaries. The boundary you see in my photo is a protective barrier for the railroad network. I think it has two functions, stopping people to cross the rails and noise-insulation. What I like about the wall is that it’s not an ugly wall, I like how it’s overgrown with plants, we have other more ugly protective barriers in our city, but this one is quite beautiful in my opinion, what do you think? Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Boundaries