No longer interested in Sim City 5.

So, I found out that the size of a Sim City 5 map is comparable with a medium sized map in Sim City 4. That must be a joke but it isn´t because that´s how it is. Games get poorer and poorer. Really. Let me rant now…

Creative Director Ocean Quigley said “The game has to run smoothly on ordinary computers,”. Oh really? Damn? That sounds like “We want to make the game playable on every junk computer so that we could make maximum profit with the degraded game called Sim City 5”.

Me as guy who plays games since more then two decades, I really can´t understand why a game enviroment of a new game like Sim City 5 should get smaller than the forerunner Sim City 4. The performance excuse is a complete joke. I bet it is possible unless their engine is a crap script. And if they want the game to be playable on any computer then they could just code a performance settings slider.

I rather think that the current gaming industry often takes us for a fool. I loved Sim City but I guessed the brand will be killed. In Sim City 4 I loved huge city planning. There is no excuse for a smaller game enviroment. It´s just a sign I should not buy such downgraded games. And I wont.

I remember times when developers were allowed to be creative… when they made games greater and greater. A time when differend game companys outreached each other again and again. In my opinion this time is over or it is at least not often the case anymore. Thats my opinion based on two decades gaming experience. Point.

10 thoughts on “No longer interested in Sim City 5.

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels that way.

    After trying the Sim City beta I was really disappointed. The map size, as you talk about, are way too small! It’s a disgrace literally! We’re in 2013, how hard can it be to make a big map when they’ve already done it before?!

    I also found it sad that we only could play with the game for 1 hour. After waiting a whole week in excitement I barely got to play it.

    On the upside I think the new buildings looks kinda of cool. Especially the fact that you can upgrade them, I like that.

    I thought about getting this for release, but no way after trying the beta! I might pick it up on sale on a later occasion just to play with it a bit more.

    1. It´s really disappointing anyhow. I mean both can be fun.. creating smaller towns or huge citys and connect them both. But being limited to just small areas, is just bad and it is funny that they try to find excuses for that. I really dislike limitations too.

      Some people on speculate that the limitation might be there so that they can later sell you a “build greater citys now” DLC. I really could image that too lol. But if it´s really the performance reason, then I cant understand it. Most of us have highend rigs and a setting slider could make the game playable on many computers. Ok I heard the new engine does calculate much more then the sim city 4 engine.. but I still bet bigger areas would be possible. I dont accept their excuses because it sounds far-fetched.

      I agree with you. The buildings look great and the upgrading is a fresh new idea too. Overal there were many thing I liked. But the area limitation is really big turn off to buy the game. A friend of me was disappointed too. And on pcgamer there are many other people who feel the same as well. It´s sad. I rather expected bigger maps than in Sim City 4.

      Best greetings from germany and thanks for stoping by and giving your thoughts here.

      1. What’s even more sad is the fact that this tends to be a habit in the game industry. Every game producer is just fed up on making money, and not really caring how their game turns out. It’s not the first time we see a new game in a series which turns out worse than the previous ones.

        A “build greater citys” DLC is really something I can see EA pulling through. It’s all about the money, DLC has become such a big addition to games now. Yes it gives us more content, but it also costs us more money than we planned when buying the game.

        However there are still other games to look forward to in 2013. There’s GTA V (it’s going to be epic) and Watch Dogs to mention some. 2013 is the gamers year 🙂

        1. Yes I agree. It´s an impression of many people lately. I mean we all know that they need to make money and this is ok. But how they do it and how they no longer take care about their community and products.

          They dont create persistent stuff anymore. Agree, there are many sequels which ar worse then the previous. And when you get your hands on the game early, it is often so easy to predict the future of the game. But you know what? I guess you know already… people will buy anyway because of the name of the game. It´s a label and not everybody is researching and critical fair like some of us are. But the flame will be big later on. But the publishers made their money at this point already. And the fanboy will pay the rest because they will bombard them with DLC´s and such stuff. In my opinion it is just initial profit and then they do milk out their fanboys.

          For me DLC is ok if not overdriven but if they bombard me, I will lose interest since I wont pay hundreds of dollars for a game. And anyway I can rememver times when it was possible to mod most of the games. I remember mods and mappacks which gave me more fun then any DLC ever could. So I did spend more time with the product and that is something publisher dont like unless it´s because you buy all their DLC´s. That´s why they killed mods. But I notice I dont have to tell you all that coz you seems to be experienced with that topic too. Anyhow fun to talk about it with someone who knows about the topic.

          Nod, it is possible to fish out 5% or 10% good current or upcoming games. Since I love those paradox games like Euorpa Universalis 3 and so, I wait for Europa Universalis 4. I also have ArmA 3 and Total War: Rome II on my list and some other. GTA V might be something, I am interested in too. Loved GTA! Watch Dogs does not tell me anything. I will google it. But what ever game we talk about.. In the future I am careful. Watching videos, readings reviews, trying to get beta access… I´ll examine games pretty hard in the future. Past showed even sequels of big names can be crap.

          Greetings 🙂

    2. hey i couldnt agree more.Ive played cities xl for a long time and its shaping up (now after 40 hours+of simcity5)to actually being a better game .What have they done.greatly disappointed after all the hype.
      no farms no subway…rails a joke and after a few hours i cant fit anything eles in.all i end up having is skyscappers everywhere and huge problems with water/ sewage etc.
      id rate it very low after playing it…….hope rome 2 is better

      1. Yea it is really a shame for the name sim city. I mean it is not only something what a few people do think about the game… I heard several people complaining in my friend circle with justification and well the internet is full of complaints too. The game is really a big joke. Another big name has been destroyed. Thanks for sharing your experience with the game.

    1. I hope you have seen the game for yourself on any way and not only based on my rant. 🙂 There are several other reviews and videos out there to get an impression about the game. Opinions may vary. But anyway you might be ok with your decision.. Because I can confirm that a lot of people visit this article lately as they find the blog post after asking google “Why are the Sim City 5 maps so small?” and so. Looks like a lot of people have a bad impression of the latest Sim City. There is really not an excuse for smaller maps. I think a lot of people are unhappy with too small maps. Thanks for your comment. 🙂

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