Total War: Rome 2 estimated System Requirements and Release Date probably 2013!

More up to date: Total War: Rome 2 System Requirements and Release Date.

Great News for all “Rome: Total War” Fans!

Some days ago I wrote that there will be a Sequel for “Rome: Total War” but the Sequel will be called “Total War: Rome 2”.

And now it´s official… Total War: Rome 2 will probably released 2013 (EDIT: Click here, because the exact Release Date for Rome 2 is know now and the game is released, you can get a Rome 2 Steam key from GamersGate).

After closure of the Sega Branch Office in Germany, Sega proclaimed that they will concentrate to their established Series: Sonic, Aliens, Football Manager and Total War which make 65% of Sega´s total Income.

In respect of their Strategy-Series they did announce now the next big Sequel called “Total War: Rome 2” but it was not a big News because of the Hints of the last Week.

Creative Assembly promised likewise…

“Our games have always encompassed a grand vision,” and Creative Director Mike Simpson said then “But we’re now pushing that vision at both ends of the spectrum. From the immense reach of the sandbox campaign right down to the human-level drama of a single warrior on the battlefield, we’re aiming for an unprecedented level of detail and scale.”

The Slogan shall count for all Features. The World Map for example will be bigger then the World Map of Shogun 2 and so on. While the System requirements should be more or less on the Level of Shoguns requirements:

Total War: Shogun 2 Minimum System Requirements

CPU – 2GHz Intel Dual Core processor, 2.6GHz Intel Single Core processor , or AMD equivalent (with SSE2)
MEMORY – 1GB RAM (XP), 2GB RAM (Vista/Windows7)
VIDEO – 256 MB DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card (shader model 3)
HARD DRIVE – 20GB free hard disk space
OTHER DETAILS – 1024×768 minimum screen resolution

Total War: Shogun 2 Recommended System Requirements

CPU – 2nd Generation Intel® CoreTMi5 processor (or greater), or AMD equivalent
MEMORY – 2GB RAM (XP), 4GB RAM (Vista / Windows7)
VIDEO – AMD Radeon HD 5000 and 6000 series graphics cards or equivalent DirectX 11 compatible graphics card
OTHER DETAILS – 1280×1024 minimum screen resolution

But Creative Assembly mentioned there will be a new Graphic-Engine and new Camera Options for the Total War: Rome 2 Game anyway.

25 thoughts on “Total War: Rome 2 estimated System Requirements and Release Date probably 2013!

  1. I truly hope that the recommended requirements will be higher than the Shogun 2’s requirements. Still based off a SINGLE-CORE? I have a quad core intel CPU and 2x radeon 6987’s ready to roll. CA please see this! CPU’s have evolved past one core!

    1. I agree with you but from the View of the Developers they today try to archieve that those Games are running on Low End Systems as well so that they can sell more Copys of the Game. I bet our higher Systems will be challanges if we set the Game to Ultra Settings.. 🙂

      1. But your right.. if the Recommended System Requirements are similar to Shogun 2´s Requirements, then the Engine seems not to be that much polished. But there is a lot of Speculation around imo, so lets wait what the real Recommended System Requirements will be. 🙂

      2. for RTW if I put everything on ultra settings, I could play StarCraft 2 at max settings as well without any sort of lag. I understand they want to sell copies, but don’t lower the requirements so far down that a windows ME could play, or if you do don’t penalize the users with better computers by not utilizing their superior multi-cored processors and focusing on a single core at a time. P.S. I had no idea you were German, your english is spot-on

        1. I pretty much agree with you. I am also one of those who is always upgrading the own system if needed as I want to enjoy games in very high settings as well (right now I do plan on the next upgrade.. i just have two cores and they are the bottleneck for my gtx 570 phantom anyhow). It´s one of my main hobbys, all the pc stuff, software and games. That´s why I also demand that they think about users with fast mashines too.

          And thanks for the compliment about my english. Yea I am german. I try to improve my english and I found out that blogging and reading in english or playing games and watching movies in english is a good way to do so. I bet I still do make some mistakes here and there in my blogposts but it´s somewhat “learning by doing” and helps. I have constantly to browse new vocabulary and discovered so much new english words. It´s fun. Thank you for your nice comment.

    1. the short answer is no. The specs on that card are incredibly low. I had two cards in SLi that were newer and more powerful than that card and I could barley play the game at all, much less play it at medium settings. You will need a much better GPU for this game.

      1. I also dont think that there is a big chance with a GT410M. With a GT435M and a good system behind the gpu, it would be possible to play at least shogun 2 on medium. (Example: ). <<- Looks reasonable considering that he is capturing with fraps while playing. Who knows.. maybe you can play the game on very low settings but as Iamteuton mentioned… I would not expect that wonder.

        I think Iamteuton is right. There is not a big chance to enjoy shogun2 or rome2 with the GT 410M.
        But as always this all is speculation.. In the past I´ve seen some wonders, when I did try out games on hardware which I declared as old… really. If you like to test things out, then try it once the game is released. But if you want to be sure, then better get new hardware.

        1. He can’t get new hardware. He’s using a laptop, meaning very little upgrades will be available to him. If he goes Desktop, then switching out and upgrading parts would be easy, simple, and in the long run, cheaper than constantly having to buy laptop after laptop to keep up with the ever-growing demand for better and higher quality graphics and details. I have two laptops, one is for work, and the other play, neither of which can play Rome total war on medium settings. Though best luck to you Chak on your quest for playability. If the actual system requirements are even anywhere near the projected he’s a goner.

        2. Hey mate 🙂 I did mean the word “hardware” as the overall product: his Notebook. I mean getting a new and faster Notebook. Even better getting a desktop computer like you mentioned. I think this is the reason why I also still own a desktop system. Upgrading is just that simple and cheap like you mentioned. I own a Notebook as well but I use it rather for writing work, blogging, surfing in the internet and for some older games as well. But I simply cant compare the components of my notebook to the components of my desktop pc as well. I also cant play Shogun for example on my Notebook.

          Another Example.. Even worse..
          As I use 3d software for my graphicdesign hobby… I can sing a song about the difference between notebooks and desktop computers. For this part I even wish I would own a Desktop Mac. But anyway my desktop pc system is much more superior then my notebook.

          In the high end sector a desktop pc is imo non-replaceable. Indeed notebooks improved as well but its still not comparable to a very high end desktop pc system. While notebooks have their own advantages.. like mobility and so. 🙂 I love both systems as well.. as both give me some advantage in differend areas.

  2. Please make this game like mount and blade when on fight scene. Please make the game play like assassins creed that you travel the map instead of seeing a man with a flag standing on the map. I’m sorry if I can’t express my thoughts well enough. From Philippines here!

    1. I dont understand what you mean but anyway thanks for your thoughts. 🙂 But if you have ideas for the game, then you might want to join their forum to express your ideas. I am sadly not a dev of the game. 😀

  3. can i play rome 2 on a laptop at 8 gig ram on windows 7 just wondering im new to the coputers scene i normaly a ps3 fan cheers !

    1. Sorry for the late reply. I have been busy last days. I guess it will run depending on your cpu and gpu. But if your notebook has 8gb, I bet the cpu and gpu will be a good one too.

  4. I have a laptop 4 g ram i3 and amd mobility 5000 serie and I can play shogun 2 total war so can my laptop run rome 2 sorry for my bad eng

    1. The publisher and devs haven´t mentioned the real system requirements yet so that I need to tell you that my opinion on that is pure speculation. Bu´t if you ask me… if you can run shogun 2 then you won´t have problems to play rome 2.

      But I guess you won´t be able to max the graphic settings. But as said.. this is just my opinion and speculation. Now that the release date is known, I do believe we do not have to wait too long for the real system requirements to be released. I guess we just need some weeks patience. 🙂

  5. DELL Inspiron 15R (N5110) Notebook Intel Core i5 2410M(2.30GHz) 15.6″ 8GB Memory DDR3 1333 750GB HDD 5400rpm DVD±R/RW Intel HD Graphics 3000

    Will this run the game?

    1. Your video card “might be” a problem. I do not think that you will play it on very high settings. But it might work if you lower graphic settings.

      They have announced the System Requirements for Rome II:

      OS: XP/ Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
      Processor:2 GHz Intel Dual Core processor / 2.6 GHz Intel Single Core processor
      Memory: 2GB RAM
      Graphics:512 MB DirectX 9.0c compatible card (shader model 3, vertex texture fetch support).
      Hard Drive: 35 GB HD space
      Screen Resolution: 1024×768

      OS: Windows 7 / Windows 8
      Processor:2nd Generation Intel Core i5 processor (or greater)
      Memory: 4GB RAM
      Graphics:1024 MB DirectX 11 compatible graphics card.
      Hard Drive:35 GB HD space
      Screen Resolution: 1920×1080

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