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Total War: Rome 2 Release Date Announced

More up to date: Total War: Rome 2 System Requirements and Release Date as the game is already released. You can get a Steam key on GamersGate for example.

Sega and Creative Assembly did announce the release date for their upcoming strategy game “Total War: Rome 2”. The release date of the “Rome: Total War” sequel is set to September 3rd. It was already sure that the game will come out anytime at the end 2013 but now we know an exact date for the release.

This is one of the games of 2013 I watch for. Not that I am only a fan of the Total War Series, I especially loved the roman setting of “Rome: Total War”. That´s why I pretty much wait for “Total War: Rome 2”.

At the same time I am a little bit afraid that there will be too many DLC´s. Sega said that people who will get the first DLC, the Greek States Culture Pack, for free. The pack adds three more playable factions (Epirus, Athens and Sparta) to Rome II’s roster. I really dislike all that about DLC´s because this content could be in the game from the beginning like it was in the days, when you bought a game. Today they do add such content with DLC´s and you have to pay again.

Anyway, let´s see what happens. I still await this game. I loved the whole Total War Series and I guess it won´t change this time as well.


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