Doner Kebab is so tasty…


In germany we call this tasty dish either Döner, Kebab or Döner Kebab. I really love Döner. The husband of my mother has a new side job which means beside his regular job on the day as a facility manager, he is now also a delivery man in the evening for a turkish kebab shop.

Sometimes you have to change your opinion, right? When I talk about Döner, I really knew my favorite Kebab Shop just some meters away from my appartement. But one week ago I have eaten my first Döner from the Kebab Shop where the husband of my mother delivers now and I must say there are worlds apart.

You might think this is crazy but it is true… I have eaten four Kebab´s last seven days. I had to do this, really. The salad like the tomatoes and cucumbers and so in the Kebab are always freshly chopped and not frozen stuff like in most of the other shops here in Lübeck. It´s such a difference then and worth every Euro. The tzatziki dip is freshly man-made and the meat is just awesome as well.

It´s like if you bite in a fresh self-made salad. It´s an explosion in your mouth. I wouldn´t call it fast food, really. Sounds like promotion? Well, let me go further… it´s truly a culinary delight. I would say it is the best Döner in Lübeck. I do already unintentional promote this Kebab in my circle of friends. But that´s how it works. Quality does not need much conventional promotion. Such a delicious dish will lead to word-of-mouth recommendation or viral marketing how it is called today on it´s own and the creator of this fresh food deserves it. That´s my opinion.

As you can see on the photo, they glut the bread with ingredients that everything jumps in your direction, if you open the aluminum foil. Not only quality flavor, it´s also the mass! Holy kitchen, this is how I love food! This might be the start of an addiction.

Would you bite in this hill of tasty ingredients? Do you know Doner Kebab? They are famous in germany, are they famous in your country too? If so, do they look similar or different? Have you ever eaten a Doner Kebab?


6 thoughts on “Doner Kebab is so tasty…

  1. That sure does look tasty! I get water in my mouth just by looking at it. I’m also a big fan of kebab, and salads in fact. And a freshly chopped salad is heaven to me! I’ve never heard of Doner Kebab, we don’t have that here in Norway. Now I wish we had 😛

    1. That is a good description with the water in the mouth. At the same time it is a problem for me. This new shop I discovered is also not far away from my home and it´s on the way if I want to visit one of my friends. Pretty dangerous and not easy to go along without a new Döner Kebab in the hands 😀 If the kebab is different in norway, then you found your new niche now 😉 Could be a success storie 🙂

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