Salad Time

You can probably find a lot of posts on my blog where I praise salads, but well, here we go again. I am a real fan of salads with tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and so on. Grandma did it already, my mother too, and even I as a kitchen noob can do it because it’s just like slicing and throwing the ingredients into a big bowl (laugh). A few days ago, me and my mother were hungry but it was very sunny and warm when we sat at her balcony and we decided to eat salad. As always, this was also … Continue reading Salad Time

Mom´s Birthday

Looking at the clock, I notice it is midnight now. But I visited my mother yesterday, I mean some hours ago, because of her birthday. We both visited some shops later and I said she can choose a gift in any of the shops. She decided for clothes and a perfume. Then we went to her home and talked a little bit. Her husband had to work and she had no other visits because she planed to visit the family on the camp ground next Saturday, we all will make a barbecue. I wrote often about the camp ground and … Continue reading Mom´s Birthday

Doner Kebab is so tasty…

In germany we call this tasty dish either Döner, Kebab or Döner Kebab. I really love Döner. The husband of my mother has a new side job which means beside his regular job on the day as a facility manager, he is now also a delivery man in the evening for a turkish kebab shop. Sometimes you have to change your opinion, right? When I talk about Döner, I really knew my favorite Kebab Shop just some meters away from my appartement. But one week ago I have eaten my first Döner from the Kebab Shop where the husband of … Continue reading Doner Kebab is so tasty…

Cucumber feeding time in my fish tank

I just though that I show you one of my fish tank videos. I did buy a bio cucumber and did eat it but there was still a rest and I did read anywhere that you can feed your fish with cucumber as well. I really wanted to try that out and you can see it on the video here. Looks like my siamese gyrinocheilid and siamese algae eater enjoyed the cucumber like I did. Well see the video but sorry for the bad cam quality. My cam is really not that good. Here is the video… Continue reading Cucumber feeding time in my fish tank