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Mom´s Birthday

Watching on the clock, I notice it is midnight now. But I visited my mother yesterday, I mean some hours ago, because of her birthday. We both visited some shop´s later and I said she can choose a gift in any of the shop´s. She decided for clothes and a perfume.

Then we went to her home and talked a little bit. Her husband had to work and she had no other visits because she planed to visit the family on the camp ground next Saturday, where we all will make a barbecue. I wrote often about the camp ground and nature in salem. Which means next Saturday will be pretty cool for my mother and for all of us.


But some hours ago , I mean yesterday I came up with a good idea. When we talked on her balcony, I asked her if she would like a salad. It was a pretty hot day and we were hungry but didn´t want to eat any warm stuff. My mother said that a salad would be a great idea. We went to a store and bought tomatoes, cucumbers and ewe’s cheese.

My mother still had paprika and onions at home. She also got dill from a neighbour because he had too much in the garden. I love fresh salad and I do think I am a master in creating a good salad. 😀

The husband of my mother came home with meat and we decided to make a small barbecue with the meat and salad. It was a great time. My mother was pretty happy about the day. Now she had a good Wednesday with us and next Saturday will be great too. Love it if my mother is happy. It was a really cool day.



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